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18 October, 2021

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No, a foolish green Marxism law won’t help the state, because liberalism is a weapon. Like socialism (which is less revolutionary) and communism (which is more revolutionary), leftism is a weapon against White Western culture. A weapon against Normal White People. Expecting liberalism to help your state is like expecting poison to improve your health. […]

9 January, 2021

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Paul Harvey, a radio segment titled “A Cure for Prosperity” (1987). “Ronald Reagan is an evil war-monger who hates poor people and who will get us into a war with Russia any day now! And he’s destroying the economy!” yelled the media in the 1980s. It wasn’t true, of course. It was all lies. Since […]

5 November, 2007

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Mr. Douglas S. Winnail c/o Tomorrow’s World P.O. Box 3810 Charlotte NC 28227-8010 USADear Mr. Winail, Reading your article “Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?” the words of Harold Nicholson came to mind. In his study PEACE MAKING written in 1919, he said: THE ANGLO SAXONS ARE GIFTED WITH A LIMITLESS CAPACITY, PARTICULARLY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, […]

8 August, 2007

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It’s a word which will live forever, despite the intercepts which vindicated the good senator [1]. And – big surprise here – the Jewish cartoonist Herbert Block coined the term [2][3]: A mention of McCarthyism: [Here] [1] about the Venona intercepts: [Here] [2] Sen. McCarthy talks about his enemy Ed Murrow (notice the mention of […]

21 February, 2007

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A White Nationalist Reading of Dominique Venner’s Le Siècle de 1914: Utopies, guerres et révolutions en Europe au XXe siècle (Paris: Pygmalion, 2006) by Michael O’Meara To recreate a new aristocracy is the eternal task of every revolutionary project. -Guillaume Faye At the beginning of 20th century, peoples of European descent ruled the world. They […]

24 October, 2006

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24 October, 2006

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5 October, 2006

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IV. THE REVOLT OF THE HIGHBROWS “Here was a new generation … grown up to find all Gods dead, all wars fought, all faiths in man shaken.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise. BY THE end of the war with Germany, social compulsion had become a national habit. The typical American of the old […]

27 September, 2006

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24 August, 2006

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Klansmen, Irishmen, and Nativists: The Origins of Racial Nationalism in America by Michael O’Meara