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11 April, 2010

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: Part 1: [Here]. Part 2: [Here].

1 March, 2010

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If Republicans want to win future elections, they’ll have to pander to non-Whites. But if they do that, they’ll alienate their main support base (i.e., the White, conservative, moneyed middle class). They can’t afford to do that. Furthermore, non-Whites don’t care about Israel, which is a key issue for Republicans. Look for the GOP to […]

1 February, 2009

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Here’s the future of the Republican Party, which must compete for Black and Brown votes now: [Article].

21 November, 2008

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The Republican Party is often labeled by its opponents as a party of “racist White people.” Here’s a good indicator of how false that label is: [Article].

10 November, 2008

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If they move leftward, they’ll alienate their support base – i.e., Whites – and then they won’t win any future elections. If they move rightward, they won’t win any future elections either, because they’ll need the non-White vote after, say, 2016, due to immigration and higher non-White birthrates. In other words, they’re between a rock […]

25 March, 2006

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[As the late Dr. Pierce used to say, jews brought their ancient hatreds to our shores. Now those hatreds redound against jews, we hear the piteous shriek of the unhappy kike. Oy, maybe rethinking this immigration thing would be “good for jews.” What’s good for you, White man? A simple little thing called NO JEWS. […]

21 March, 2006

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[Roberts article on media bias here.] Liberal Media Bias and Republican Eunuchs March 19, 2006 Nicholas Stix by Nicholas Stix There’s a new blog in town, by Matthew A. Roberts: The Politics of Prudence. I hope the title is just for show, since there are already too many “prudent� Republicans writing.

11 March, 2006

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“As the party of Lincoln, we do not support anybody who is a white supremacist,” Jared Craighead, executive director of the state Republican Party, said Friday. Just another jewish cumrag is the Republican, in the same way National Review was dismissed as just another liberal rag, by Buckley’s mentor, once he saw the direction side-looker […]