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7 March, 2008

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As an example of Euro-centric ways to tell our story and regain the voice that was stolen from us as diverse white European American men, we saw this on an influential blog in San Jose which was promoting a new media vehicle. An acquaintance of ours posted #9 as a comment which served to draw […]

2 February, 2007

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22 November, 2006

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Dear Mr. Singleton, The editorial board of the San Jose Mercury News is up to its snotty and degrading left-wing racialist tricks once again, promoting the term “white solidarity” on page 17A of today’s (11/22/06) paper in a weird and unreasoned essay by Nicholas D. Kristof who also promoted the idea that “white solidarity” exists […]

18 November, 2006

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“Not a word of this, but plenty of talk about what we “Anglos” (disrespectful term used by criminal invaders when not using “gringo,” the hate term that I suspect Ms Poelker decided not to quote) owe them.” Alex, it is interesting that the bracket marks in the article by Poelker indicate that she inserted “Anglos” […]

25 October, 2006

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Good morning! Resisting Defamation has been studying the issue of slander and slurring for 16 years, and one of the longest lasting and most deeply held beliefs by European Americans is that gentile, goy, and shicksha are perfectly fine labels for us. Let’s remember that the first mark of oppression is that the Other names […]

29 August, 2006

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…we don’t. Pat Buchanan and Vdare pat each other on the back, but both stick to the System fiction, as expressed openly on either CNN or Fox last night, anyone from anywhere can come to America and become a good American. That is the opposite of what the founders believed, of course. The state is […]