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16 October, 2020

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I find it creepy, but very predictable, that Linda Ronstadt focuses only on the Mexican side of her heritage, even though she is only 1/4 Mexican by race [1]. She always has something rotten to say about Donald Trump and the border wall. But, as Alex has said, Mexico would be a great place if […]

10 October, 2020

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Apparently, Eddie Van Halen was god-like in the guitar world. But why? Was Van Halen a fast guitar player? Yes. Very fast. But, was he a good guitar player? By many accounts, he was only so-so, talent-wise; his guitar solos were at times catchy, but not at all historic. We live in a world today […]

12 September, 2020

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The Rolling Stones, “Let It Bleed” (1969). A good album. The Stones sound a little different than other rock (okay, heavy blues?) bands. Unlike Led Zeppelin, the beat here is “behind” the music rather than “in front” of the music like Zeppelin with their heavy, in-your-face drums. That’s a Mississippi Delta blues thing. Jagger “borrowed” […]

17 August, 2020

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Nazareth, “Hair of the Dog” (1975) [Here; duration is 40 minutes].

2 August, 2020

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(This is edited from before; also, the links in the prior post have changed) Democrazy Liberals love democracy. They worship it. It’s so…equalizing. (That’s why they also love communism). So it was interesting for me to learn that a noted liberal, the late and talented rock singer Lowell George, regretted running his band Little Feat […]

23 July, 2020

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Arguably the best Iron Maiden album. Not a dud song on it. Iron Maiden, “Piece Of Mind” (1983)

27 May, 2020

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(Above: Bill Haley). I like Elvis Presley, but he wasn’t “The King of Rock and Roll” music. (And forget Chuck Berry, who is called “The Father of Rock and Roll” by many people: he came along in 1955, after Elvis). Those two titles belong to Bill Haley. Indeed, Haley enjoyed a number of “firsts” in […]

20 May, 2020

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The British rock group, UFO, live in Chicago, Fall 1978. [Audio; 1 hour, 8 minutes].

4 May, 2020

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Bridge of Sighs; 1974; by British rock guitarist Robin Trower (sounds like “power”). Vocals by James Dewar. [Video; duration is 37 minutes].

19 March, 2020

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(Above: Kurt Cobain) Here’s some armchair amateur psychiatry. Ever since about 1973, divorce in America has been a popular trend. Millions of family homes have been “broken” on the altar of feminism and gender equality. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I know a little something about psychology. I know that childhood trauma usually stays with […]