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25 April, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of the 1967 hippie anthem “San Francisco”) San Franqueersco If you are going to San Franqueersco Be sure to have many condoms in your jeans If you are going to San Franqueersco You’re gonna meet crazy people there For those who come in San Franqueersco Summertime will have some gonorrhea there […]

29 August, 2014

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Good idea here! This type of testing could be done to VNN posters. They could be subjected to interrogations and polygraph tests before they post, to make sure that their ideology is “correct.” Heh, heh. [Article].

25 September, 2008

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Bob sounds like every politician in Washington: [Article].

2 July, 2007

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George W: “Vladimir, won’t you at least try the tikkun olam? Just one bite? It’s really tasty, and everyone in Washington loves it.” [Article]

29 June, 2007

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Who last drove the explosives-packed Mercedes found in London? 1. Adolf Hitler 2. Amelia Earhart 3. Howdy Doody 4. Israeli agent and amateur proctologist Shlomo Goldsilverfeldwitz [Article] About Israeli false-flag operations: [Here]

25 June, 2007

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U.S. soldiers in Iraq have encountered heavily-armed hamsters who were trained by al-Qaeda, said a top military official. “There’s no doubt about it,” said Colonel Sol Steinbergwitz, head of the Army’s Zionist Propaganda unit. “Those little rodents were definitely al-Qaeda operatives. In fact, they were probably trained by Osama bin Laden himself, because we know […]

15 June, 2007

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Solomon Goldsilverfeldwitz, Middle East security expert and dual-citizenship holder, writes: “Dear Mr. Bush: just as I suspected, Iran is even delivering weapons to the moon, in order to arm the IslamoLunarFascists there. For proof of my claims, just watch the enclosed video that I made with the help of the special Israeli military unit known […]

1 April, 2007

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Washington, D.C. — The Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice, under pressure to enforce the Equality in Entertainment Act recently passed by Congress, has demanded that all major movie studios ensure that sassy, no-nonsense black actress Queen Latifah has a role in all movies. The request is viewed by some as a mere […]

21 July, 2006

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Is death interfering with your sex life? Now there’s Corpstra!