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17 June, 2015

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Your country can have a real culture, passed down from generation to generation, cherishing and nurturing old traditions and values, or it can have a pop culture run by the media and by popular celebrities. Sadly, America has the latter. We have a culture that is all about the latest trends in music, TV, movies […]

2 June, 2015

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(Above: male and female skulls. Note the heavier jawbone on the male skull) Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, nearly as ridiculous as that is the idea that a man can “become” a woman, complete with a DNA and chromosome change. What about a man’s bigger, heavier skull and jawbone (as opposed to a woman’s) – is […]

24 April, 2015

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(Above: sex chromosomes) “Transgender”? There’s no such thing as “transgender.” You can’t change your sex chromosomes. You’re either an “XX” (female) or an “XY” (male). If you were born a man, you’ll be a man until they put you into a casket, no matter how much makeup you wear or how many surgeries you have. […]

8 February, 2015

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The media is full of stories about how the famous athlete Bruce Jenner is “transitioning” from male to female. Newbies, take note: a person cannot change his or her sex. It’s impossible. For one thing, the male brain is “wired” differently than the female brain. If you were born with an “X” and a “Y” […]

27 July, 2014

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No. It’s impossible. If you were born a male, you were born with an X and a Y sex chromosome, i.e., you’ll always be a male. (Women are born with 2 X sex chromosomes). Sex is determined by the sex chromosomes. Young people, don’t fall for “sex change” propaganda. [Article].

26 July, 2010

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Does your child suffer from “gender identity disorder”? Maybe you should consult an expert, just to make sure: [Article].

5 January, 2010

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In a way, the “transgender” movement is a bigger scam than the “civil rights” or “human rights” movements, since it rejects biology, i.e., it involves calling a male a “female,” or vice-versa. Newbies, consider a few facts: 1. “Gender” refers only to words/grammar, e.g., “his” (masculine) and “her” (feminine); it doesn’t apply to humans – […]

10 November, 2008

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However, a court could void the ban. Affirmative Action came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s Civil Rights Act of 1964. It requires employers with 15-or-more employees to hire by race and “gender,” e.g., if the surrounding population is 20% Black, then a workplace must be approximately 20% Black. Significantly, Affirmative Action also applies to workplace […]

20 June, 2008

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Today’s women = short men with breasts: [Article].

26 May, 2008

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Newbies, notice that a “sex-change” operation doesn’t change a person’s sex. If you were born with an “X” and a “Y” chromosome, you’re a male, now and forever, no matter how much make-up you pile on. The word “she” cannot ever apply to you. Also, the word “gender” – which has today been co-opted by […]