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10 November, 2011

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Federal Reserve official #1: “Oy, what if the gentiles start demanding an alternative to the borrow/debt/inflation system – you know, what if they start a mass-movement, sort of like the anti-Wall Street protests?” Federal Reserve official #2: “Oy veh! If that happens, America could soon be debt-free! Quick, let’s remind the gentiles that they must […]

24 January, 2009

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“Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin” by Deitrich Eckart: [Book]. “The Money Myth Exploded” by Louis Even: (a .pdf file): [Book].

28 March, 2008

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The poet Ezra Pound was an advocate of Social Credit, by the way [1]. This online book makes some good points about wealth, money and credit, e.g., having wealth and having money is not the same thing. It allows the reader to think about Western money systems in an outside-of-the-box manner. Social Credit is based […]