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17 December, 2021

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VNN Forum poster Fico made two good points about leftism and socialism. 1. As America becomes less White due to immigration, support for socialism will increase, because Blacks and Browns are more likely to see the government as “daddy” (explain this fact to your favorite patriotard who thinks that non-White immigration is okay “as long […]

9 December, 2021

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See the bold text: “Public health and safety during a declared state of emergency has been the ideal opportunity to accelerate these rapid social changes. In the past two years we collectively enrolled as willing participants in massive social experiments — in the name of public health and safety — that we would never have […]

6 December, 2021

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Someone asked on the TV: Is Christianity a form of socialism? It’s not “socialism as we know it today” [1]. Perhaps parts of it are socialistic (e.g., “international egalitarianism”). But Christianity is spiritual. Socialism isn’t. What about Robespierre, circa 1792? Was he the first socialist dictator? Probably, but he was local (in France). Socialism is […]

15 November, 2021

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Re: yesterday’s post about the Left/Right political debate (“Listening to Leftists is Tiring, or, Keeping It Simple”; Nov. 14, 2021): I often hear leftists say that “capitalism is immoral, perhaps even evil, because it exploits the worker. The capitalists get rich by exploiting the poor workers; the capitalists pay the workers peanuts while they rake […]

14 November, 2021

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The nature of all forms of leftism is this: “We leftists proclaim that human nature — which has existed for many thousands of years — no longer exists. We have replaced human nature with Jewish Marxism and Jewish leftist socialism” (which are usually offered up as various political “theories” e.g., “feminist theory” and “transgender theory”; […]

23 October, 2021

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Re: Cultural Marxism: the Italian gentile Antonio Gramsci is a red herring. He was a late-comer. He only wrote about Cultural Marxism while in prison under Mussolini’s rule circa 1929. Contrast that to the Jew, Georg Lukacs, who was actually using Cultural Marxism much earlier: in schools in 1919 Hungary (he was the Hungarian Minister […]

18 October, 2021

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No, a foolish green Marxism law won’t help the state, because liberalism is a weapon. Like socialism (which is less revolutionary) and communism (which is more revolutionary), leftism is a weapon against White Western culture. A weapon against Normal White People. Expecting liberalism to help your state is like expecting poison to improve your health. […]

15 October, 2021

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(Above: mass-murderer Fidel “Gimme Two Scoops of Rocky Road!” Castro). Isn’t communism (oops, I mean “socialism”) great? You can’t even get any ice cream. (How ironic: the Satanic Cuban leader Fidel Castro (1926-2016) really loved ice cream. I mean, he was an ice cream nut, probably eating it twice per day. Meanwhile, the Cuban people […]

1 September, 2021

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This is Reed’s second essay about the Jews being not-bad-people. Maybe he should get out more often. Name a bad thing, in the entire world, and the odds are good that the Jews were/are behind it, e.g., communism and socialism [1]. “The perennial insistence that Jews are out to destroy white Christian civilization runs into […]

8 July, 2021

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Defining the White, leftist mindset, as it relates to White culture, in one paragraph: White leftism is ultimately a jealous and angry attack on White males because they invented the world, and indeed that was their cardinal sin: White males invented the world! How dare they! Leftism says: “How dare the White males hog all […]