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28 November, 2021

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What’s the difference between Stalinism and Australianism? Very little difference. The Soviet Union ended in 1991. A White woman was forcibly quarantined by the Australian government for 14 days due to Covid-19, a virus that is mild 97% of the time (unless you have underlying health issues, or have been vaxxed, and then it’s more […]

27 November, 2021

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Black maf question (subtraction): Q: “If’n Shaniqua have 4 rocks o’ crack cocaine, and she give 2 rocks to LaDerrikus, den how many rocks she have lef?” A: “2 rocks.” “No, dawg! Dat be raciss White maf. Shaniqua have as many rocks lef as she tinks she have lef. If’n she tinks she have 12 […]

26 November, 2021

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Spooky (1979) by Atlanta Rhythm Section. The lead singer for Atlanta Rhythm Section (Ronnie Hammond, a great singer) was shot by the police in 1998 and he almost died. [Video].

22 November, 2021

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Girl: “Is there a war on White people, daddy?” Father: “Yes, honey, there is.” Girl: “But why?” Father: “Because there’s nothing harder to forgive than a favor” [1]. Had Christopher Columbus not arrived in America in 1492, Brown people would still be crapping in the woods. They wouldn’t have cars or telephones, either — how […]

20 November, 2021

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I confess that I like Donald Trump. And he had the best economy in 50 years. That’s a big plus. Having said that, I have a funny feeling — a nagging, cloud-overhead perception — that Trump is deliberate, fake opposition. Why? Trump had a duty, twice, (yes, twice) to declare martial law in America: once […]

8 November, 2021

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The story I heard about the creation of the famous, 1976, White-male song “Play That Funky Music” is this: some Blacks complained that a White rock band didn’t play funky music. The Blacks said, “why don’t you White guys just play funky music?” and that line was used to create the song. Apparently, the band […]

16 October, 2021

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Re: yesterday’s post titled “The Covid Jab Contains a Patented, Nano-Technology Tracking Device, Which Leads to Obedience Platforms”: this is a partial retraction, to make the post more accurate. Apparently, the Covid-19 “vaccines” do have “contact tracing” technology in them, but there are no “nano-technology transmitters.” (Although, the exact difference between the two is unknown. […]

15 October, 2021

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So, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) of the U.S. Department of Defense (the U.S. military) is helping to track Covid-vaxxed people. How very odd! So, not only will Big Pharma make billions of dollars selling the “vaccines,” but it’ll also make billions of dollars with the personal information that the bio-tracking devices provide! That’s […]

4 October, 2021

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This is in New York City. The Big Bagel. That just figures! My god. Isn’t “withholding food” a crime? [Video, 1:30]

29 September, 2021

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This powerful Frenchman, who was and is a big political insider, says Covid-19 was planned 7 years ago. If this is true, wow! What a game-changer. This guy is poised to spill all the beans and may have done so already. He apparently has in his possession 4 databases full of names and details. Let’s […]