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15 May, 2016

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Russian leader Putin apparently likes Trump, so Russia would seem to have a reason to want to help him. [Article].

15 May, 2016

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“Ideas are more dangerous than guns. We don’t let the people have guns, so why should we let them have ideas?” — paraphrasing communist thug Joseph Stalin. Children have to get the idea for trannyism from somewhere. Where are they getting it? Who plants the idea in their minds? The schools? TV shows? [Article].

14 May, 2016

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Why am I getting the funny feeling that, by the time Trump becomes president, many of his important promises will be so weakened and watered-down as to be meaningless? [Article].

12 May, 2016

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The bad thing about Cultural Marxism (as opposed to economic Marxism) is that it has virtually no limits. It can be applied to anything, anywhere in the worldwide effort to tear down traditional Western culture. Cultural Marxism (i.e., revolutionary political correctness) can be used in schools, in workplaces, in movies, in music – anywhere. The […]

11 May, 2016

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Big Jew: “Speaker Ryan, here’s what I want you to do: call Donald Trump to a meeting in Washington. Tell him that he must water down his ideology, it’s way too extreme for me. Tell him that he must forget about building a border wall. He must forget about a ban on Muslim immigration into […]

11 May, 2016

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “About the only recent Black-on-White killings which have received news coverage which even mentioned the racial element were the murders of three White men in Pittsburgh last week by a Black killer who became enraged when a White repair crew failed to repair the door on his subsidized apartment fast […]

10 May, 2016

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There’s massive vote fraud in every American election. Millions of idiots who should not be allowed to vote (e.g., Blacks, Mexicans, half-wits, drug addicts, etc.) will vote anyway. Isn’t democrazy great? The outcome of every American election is the result of vote fraud.

10 May, 2016

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Whenever you hear about a “hate crime” committed against Brown people, it’s a safe bet that the “crime” wasn’t a crime at all and was faked by the Brown people. (“Hate crime” laws are unconstitutional because there are different punishments for the exact same crime. If you punch a man in the nose because you […]

9 May, 2016

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Of course, there’s a Jewish angle to No-Fault divorce laws. (I recall that, when I was in junior high school and high school, the juvenile delinquents lived in single-parent households, while the “good kids” lived in traditional two-parent households, usually with stay-at-home moms). [Article].

8 May, 2016

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I’ve heard this basic argument before. It goes: “when you’re trying to convince someone, don’t use logic. People aren’t moved by logic. Use emotion and the old ‘smear-by-association’ tactic instead.” But to me it’s a little more complicated than that, since the Left/Right playing field is uneven from the get-go. Leftist/liberal ideas often appeal to […]