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15 July, 2016

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One of the things you can “look forward to” when Brown Man takes power: no dogs will be allowed. (In fact, Muslims hate dogs as part of their official doctrine; what kind of a person doesn’t like dogs?). [Article].

15 July, 2016

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Hey, Europe, how’s that “diversity” thing working out for ya? Got enough brown immigrants yet? (How ironic that those people who were killed by the truck in France were celebrating the horrible “Bastille Day” which should not be celebrated by anyone [1]). Here’s a thought, Europe: why not make your Muslims “self-deport themselves”? How? Strip […]

14 July, 2016

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Britain just left the EU. That’s good. But, the new leader of Britain, Theresa May, is apparently a philo-Semite who likes the Jews. She also seems to like Muslims. Looks like Britain has gained little by leaving the EU. [Article].

13 July, 2016

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “The average citizen certainly has misgivings when he reflects on the increasing darkening of America’s racial complexion: when he notes, as Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker did, that fewer and fewer of the people he sees and hears on the sidewalks of our cities speak English or look like the […]

13 July, 2016

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal Jewess and a U.S. Supreme Court justice, made some unusual (unusual for court justices) comments about Donald Trump. But is this surprising? No, for two reasons: 1) the Jews are worried about Trump becoming president. They see him as an unpredictable populist who, unlike previous presidents, may not do “what’s […]

12 July, 2016

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Dr. William Pierce once said that the Jews have spent 3,000 years engaging in nation-wrecking, and they aren’t done yet. They are actually at war with gentiles because, to quote the Jew, Maurice Samuel, the Jews need a world of their own [1]. [Article]. . [1] “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers […]

11 July, 2016

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Soviet commissar, 1930: “I’m sorry, sir, but your political views are not correct. You’re under arrest!” American university administrator, 2016: “I’m sorry, sir, but your political views are not correct. You’re fired!” [Article].

11 July, 2016

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Globalist Jew #1: “Oh, my God! Do you realize what this could mean for Europe?” Globalist Jew #2: “Yes! Freedom could break out, followed by isolationism and anti-Semitism!” [Article].

10 July, 2016

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Anti-Termitism: it must be rejected by all people, we are told. It is a dark, ugly stain on humanity, we are told. [Article].

8 July, 2016

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When you “empower” negroes by making them think that they’re more important than they really are (e.g., via the civil rights movement and Affirmative Action laws), they get uppity and cocky, and they start making all sorts of demands, and then this type of violence happens. Blackie became way too big for his britches. Blackie […]