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13 April, 2019

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“Colorado first issued the licenses in 2014.” So, illegal aliens have been getting driver’s licenses in Colorado for 5 years??? Absolute insanity. Morally wrong! How do illegal aliens have “rights” if they’re in America illegally? Helping illegal aliens is not only against federal law, it’s treason: it’s helping foreign invaders. In the 1920s, the German […]

12 April, 2019

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“A top Red Cross official says he’s ‘more concerned than I have ever been’” (about Ebola). If Donald Trump really cares about America, he will end all Third World immigration into America. The U.S. does not need any more people anyway. Why would America need any more Black or Brown foreigners? [Article].

12 April, 2019

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Finally, the English version of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s important book “200 Years Together” (2002) about Jews and gentiles in Russia. For many years, there was no English version of this book available — guess why! Just one guess! [a .PDF file].

11 April, 2019

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Women are world leaders today, for some reason. Yet, they often have uncontrollable freak-outs when they see a bug, no matter where they are: in a car, on a plane, etc. Such freaking-out regardless of location/circumstance isn’t “world leader” behavior. It’s “3-year-old” behavior. [Article]. The “car/spider thing” is somewhat common: [Here].

10 April, 2019

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“Human rights” are like ghosts: nearly everyone claims to have seen one, or heard one, but there’s zero evidence that they even exist except in the minds of leftists and Jews. “Human rights” (there are 30 of them, apparently!) are “rights that all human beings have.” Really? Ha-ha-ha! According to who? Hmmm? God? Santa Clause? […]

9 April, 2019

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(Above: Che “Next Year In Bolivia!” Guevara, democratic socialist hero; how did a “poor” communist get a Rolex? He must have “liberated” it, wink-wink) “Democratic Socialism”: it’s that short period of time between “I just voted for a Socialist” and “I just had all of my property seized by the government and now I’m being […]

9 April, 2019

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The liberals are doing this in order to get the Brown votes. That, they hope, will keep them in power. Regardless, it’s against federal law to aid or abet illegal aliens. If this bill becomes law, will Minnesota lawmakers be arrested by the U.S. Justice Department? (In 1960, yes, they would have been arrested by […]

9 April, 2019

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“You may have wondered why cultural Marxism demands we use certain terms while maligning other words and expressions as anathema. It’s a thought reform process that parallels Robert J. Lifton’s “loading of the language.” “Or you may wonder why cultural Marxism insists race is a social construct that’s only skin deep, while condemning racism and […]

8 April, 2019

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First of all, only a small percentage of Whites owned slaves. In other words, most Whites didn’t own slaves. So why are all (presumably) White tax dollars going to be used to pay for reparations? Secondly, let’s talk about all the millions of violent crimes that Blacks have committed against Whites since, let’s say, 1945. […]

8 April, 2019

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Thanks to feminism, many White men are going it alone today. They don’t want to date/marry a feminist, since it would only end in disaster: “broken homes” for the kids and alimony payments/massive property losses for the men [Forums]. Yes, this attitude plays right into the hands of the Jews (i.e., there will be fewer […]