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18 June, 2019

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I’ve heard the cheap excuse many times: “But-but-but, he works in a job where the public must fully trust him; if he’s a racist, how can the public trust him?” But low-IQ negroes and angry Muslim immigrants also work in such jobs. Can you trust them? Whether this White guy is a jailer or not […]

17 June, 2019

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For some reason, the negro pilots of Kenya Airways failed to get clearance from the air-traffic control tower before take-off, and, they failed to notice that the plane was banking severely. The plane crashed after take-off. Duh. Next time, hire real pilots. [Short Video]. Trivia about Brown-operated airlines: 1. For safety reasons, airplanes from four […]

16 June, 2019

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(A parody, of sorts, of a scene in the 1978 comedy movie “Animal House” starring John Belushi): A man who looks like John Belushi: “Okay, I’m asking good people to join me in wiping out slavery in Africa once and for all! It still exists there today! We can’t allow that! I’m asking you people […]

16 June, 2019

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Here’s one big reason: liberalism. For example, parents don’t properly discipline their kids anymore. They don’t spank their kids when they misbehave. So the kids grow up to be defective people; some become really defective people. In the case below, a German airline pilot committed both suicide and mass murder in 2015 by deliberately crashing […]

15 June, 2019

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1. Most White people in America did not own negro slaves. Only a small percentage of Whites owned them. Slaves were very expensive. So, with slavery reparations (cash payouts will happen at some point in time), most White taxpayers will be punished for something that they, and their ancestors, didn’t even do. 2. Contrary to […]

14 June, 2019

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(Above: I moved to Britain and all the government gave me was a loaf of stale bread and this lousy t-shirt!). The “new Marxism” isn’t called Marxism, but nonetheless that’s what it is (i.e., it’s Cultural Marxism, which was created by the Jewish-staffed Frankfurt School because regular [i.e., economic] Marxism wasn’t taking root in the […]

13 June, 2019

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Life is full of concepts that are so simple that even a half-wit can understand them. Let’s take a look at three of them: 1. Eating too much food can make you fat. 2. Smoking cigarettes can give you lung cancer. 3. Liberal (i.e., leftist) political ideas are very dangerous to White Western culture, so […]

13 June, 2019

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The phrase “Love Your Race” is “White supremacy”? Really? How? Since when? But regardless of the flyers, White people should love their race — after all, Whites gave the world to mankind [1]. We even gave Brown people “democracy” and cell phones and look what they did with them! Selling drugs and voting for assholes: […]

13 June, 2019

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All humans will eventually be equal in Commiefornia, no matter how ridiculous the attempts to make them so might get. This stupid plan won’t work. Despite fancy computer programs, people will soon learn, via word-of-mouth, phone calls, or social media that the criminals are Black or Brown. [Article].

13 June, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “Politics in Mexico always has been completely corrupt at every level. With enough money anything can be done, and one can easily buy exemption from punishment for any crime. Judges, politicians, and police officials are all for sale — or at least, for rent. Without money, however, one can expect […]