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9 April, 2019

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“You may have wondered why cultural Marxism demands we use certain terms while maligning other words and expressions as anathema. It’s a thought reform process that parallels Robert J. Lifton’s “loading of the language.” “Or you may wonder why cultural Marxism insists race is a social construct that’s only skin deep, while condemning racism and […]

8 April, 2019

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First of all, only a small percentage of Whites owned slaves. In other words, most Whites didn’t own slaves. So why are all (presumably) White tax dollars going to be used to pay for reparations? Secondly, let’s talk about all the millions of violent crimes that Blacks have committed against Whites since, let’s say, 1945. […]

8 April, 2019

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Thanks to feminism, many White men are going it alone today. They don’t want to date/marry a feminist, since it would only end in disaster: “broken homes” for the kids and alimony payments/massive property losses for the men [Forums]. Yes, this attitude plays right into the hands of the Jews (i.e., there will be fewer […]

6 April, 2019

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Well…I’m on board with this one-world-currency thing if it includes free tacos. If not, then no way… [Article].

6 April, 2019

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Liberalism/leftism is an international “hate Whitey” movement. Nothing more. The Jews pioneered liberalism (most especially the New Left, beginning circa 1964), but here’s a big problem today: there are many, many more liberals than Jews. Jews number in the millions. But liberals number in the many-tens-of-millions. They’re everywhere. They’re like ants. They’re even in places […]

5 April, 2019

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(Above: an old-timey clown) I like it! Apparently, a clown reflects, to some people at least, “the banality of evil” (that’s a Jewish expression coined by Hannah Arendt). Some people actually have an unreasonable fear of clowns and see them as evil. [SF Forum].

5 April, 2019

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The liberals and the Jews are so desperate to pass this law that they’ve been trying to pass it for the past 45 years! Human equality is the Holy Grail of the communists, the leftists and the Jews. They’ll do anything in the name of equality, no matter how ridiculous it might be. Never mind […]

4 April, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “My correspondent describes a number of other details of his hospital work and winds up his description with the remark that the major complaint he hears from his freeloading patients is that the hospital needs to hire more Spanish-speaking staff members, the better to take care of their unpaid needs. […]

4 April, 2019

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Sioux Indian #1: “What ‘woke’ mean?” Sioux Indian #2: “It mean, ‘not asleep.’” Sioux Indian #1: “Hmmmm…I ‘woke’ then.” Sioux Indian #2: “Me, too. Wide awoke.” “It began roughly with the (Michael Brown-inspired) 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri…” It’s funny that he should say that. I’ve dated the beginning of the now-hotter War On White […]

2 April, 2019

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Muslims and Whites are on a collision course in the Western world. It’s a given. And our Western “leaders” instinctively know it, but they don’t care because they’re not really our leaders. They’re myopic assholes who only care about power and money and being P.C. When Muslims come to the Western countries, they become more […]