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6 July, 2007

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Another “-ism” in a world full of “-isms” usually produced by kikes. Say, do you see the Jews giving up their sovereignty, their authority? Jews never give up anything – unless they can benefit from it. Only the gentiles are supposed to give all their authority away. All countries have natural or automatic sovereignty. Unions […]

6 July, 2007

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Uh-oh. The war to reshape the Middle East for Israel keeps losing support in powerful places. Even long-time Bush supporters are getting a clue. Maybe next time gentiles won’t be so quick to listen to special people in special government offices [1]: [Article] [1] the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans: [Here] and [Here] and [Here] […]

5 July, 2007

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Three charged in home invasion: [Article]

4 July, 2007

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Somewhere in Moscow, a rabbi sleeps fitfully. He is worried. The spread of equalocracy has been slowed. Russia may never become an eastern version of America. The rabbi knows that someday he may have to quickly pack a suitcase and flee to Jerusalem or New York City: [Article]

4 July, 2007

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Let America be unchained from the Jewish state: [Article]

3 July, 2007

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“…the fact is that the Iranian government by its actions has declared war on us.” Really? Who is “us”? Why are Orthodox Jews speaking for America? [1]: [Article] [1] re: Orthodox Judaism: [Here]

3 July, 2007

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Dr. Tomislav (Tom) Sunic will be on The Political Cesspool radio show on Tuesday night, July 3rd: [Here] More about Dr. Sunic: [Here]

2 July, 2007

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Former Cheney aide Scooter Libby, the Jewish staffer who was due to serve 2 1/2 years in prison, has had his sentence commuted. How many phone calls from powerful Jews did it take for this to happen? (And, will another Jew, Jonathan Pollard, also have his sentence commuted?): [Article]

2 July, 2007

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George W: “Vladimir, won’t you at least try the tikkun olam? Just one bite? It’s really tasty, and everyone in Washington loves it.” [Article]

1 July, 2007

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Nigger-muttering is losing its limited appeal. This is a good time to mention Jewish music mogul Rick Rubin and his role in the rise of rap [1]: [Article] [1] Rick Rubin: [Here] and [Here]