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23 August, 2007

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It’s called “Freedom’s Watch.” The group’s leader is Jewish, as are some of the other top members. Questions: whose freedom do they refer to in the group’s name? Has anyone in this group read the Mearsheimer and Walt report? [1][2][3][4]: [Article] [1] about Blakeman: [Here] [2] about Sembler: [Here] [3] about Brooks: [Here] [4] the […]

22 August, 2007

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It had a limited appeal from the start, and that appeal faded over time as people became bored with it. Interestingly, one of the rap music industry’s “founders” was not black but Jewish [1]: [Article] [1] about Rick Rubin: [Here]

22 August, 2007

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Don’t know why yet, but here’s a guess: Jewish groups, worried that Mrs. Gardener was influencing too many “soccer moms,” had her blog removed via financial or political pressure [1]: Her former blog: [Here] [1] a mention of Gardener: [Here]

21 August, 2007

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What, equalocracy doesn’t work well with neoconservative tactics? If that’s the case, then it’s funny because it was the Jews who championed democracy as the best form of government for all of the White countries. America’s founders rejected equalocracy and created a republic instead. Indeed, our founders never used the word “democracy” to describe America. […]

20 August, 2007

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Trivia: Filner was a “Freedom Rider” in the South in the 1960s [1]: [Article] [1] a mention of Filner and the “Freedom Riders”: [Here]

20 August, 2007

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Sometimes you have Second Amendment rights, sometimes you don’t, depending on a variety of factors – such as a certain misdemeanor conviction. In some cities, like New York, gun ownership rights have nearly vanished [1]. The mention of the 1996 law – i.e., law expansion – refers to ”The Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation Act,” which came […]

19 August, 2007

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“Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” That 2002 comment by Bernanke has special importance when you consider the fact that the key man in the creation of the Federal Reserve system was a Jewish banker named Paul M. Warburg [1]. […]

18 August, 2007

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Seen: a mention of Judaism as being one of the world’s “great” religions. Baloney. Any religion that requires someone to turn on the lights for you isn’t one [1]. If a Jew stops practicing Judaism, he’s still a Jew. While it’s true that Judaism cleverly allows the rare convert, conversion is difficult, it’s often discouraged […]

18 August, 2007

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We don’t know who they are yet, but the force is strong with these two: Why Los Angeles Sucks! Newspapers. Pure crap. In L.A. we have the Daily News, asmall paper that at one point was what some might consider a fairlyright wing publication geared toward the San Fernando Valley section ofthe city. It’s been […]

18 August, 2007

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“Anti-Western” means anti-Jewish these days [1]: [Article] [1] about the BBC: [Here]