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1 July, 2007

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The truth of the matter is that America should never have picked a fight with Japan in the first place. F.D. Roosevelt’s Jewish cabal began a cold war with Japan long before Pearl Harbor was attacked – in fact, America planned to attack Japanese troops many months before Pearl. FDR and Company knew that going […]

29 June, 2007

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How pathetic are Israel’s leaders, from the very beginning. For example, recall the first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who smuggled thousands of Jewish immigrants from Europe into Israel. The problem, of course, was that Israel didn’t exist yet! (Maybe he just wanted to start early and avoid the rush). Or consider the leaders Menachem Begin […]

29 June, 2007

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Who last drove the explosives-packed Mercedes found in London? 1. Adolf Hitler 2. Amelia Earhart 3. Howdy Doody 4. Israeli agent and amateur proctologist Shlomo Goldsilverfeldwitz [Article] About Israeli false-flag operations: [Here]

28 June, 2007

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Oy, how the Jews toiled to deliver Brown v. Board of Education [1]. But now this news arrives: [Article] [1] the Brown ruling: [Here]

28 June, 2007

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It looks like there will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants until after the November 2008 elections: [Article]

27 June, 2007

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Edgar J. Steele writes: “Tomorrow morning (Thursday, June 28) I will be cohosting a two-hour Internet radio show with Michael Badnarick (including live local broadcasts in some areas of the country) on the We The People Radio Network ( Please listen in, from 8 am – 10 am EDT (that’s 5 am – 7 am, […]

27 June, 2007

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Concerning the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act, a bill from Jewish congressman Tom Lantos [1]. Significantly, the same thing happened to Germany just before World War II, i.e., anti-German sanctions were put into place by the U.S. for the benefit of world Jewry [2]: [Article] [1] the Lantos bill, H.R.1400: [Here] [2] an example of pre-war anti-German […]

26 June, 2007

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “Simple, yet sophisticated. I like it.” [Article] Horkheimer: [Here]

26 June, 2007

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The bill – S.1639 – gained 19 “yes” cloture votes: [Article]. If you still vote, you might want to call your Senators.

25 June, 2007

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U.S. soldiers in Iraq have encountered heavily-armed hamsters who were trained by al-Qaeda, said a top military official. “There’s no doubt about it,” said Colonel Sol Steinbergwitz, head of the Army’s Zionist Propaganda unit. “Those little rodents were definitely al-Qaeda operatives. In fact, they were probably trained by Osama bin Laden himself, because we know […]