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11 August, 2007

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Caravaggio: [Here] Bouguereau: [Here] David: [Here] Rembrandt (note his early works especially): [Here] Compare the above art with Jewish art such as this: Rothko: [Here] Chagall: [Here]

11 August, 2007

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The Jews can be anything they want to be, since they set it up that way. Sometimes they’re a race, sometimes they’re only a religion, sometimes they’re both at once, depending on the day, week, month or audience. This guy became a Catholic cardinal, all the while remaining a Jew. You’d think that the Christians […]

11 August, 2007

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[Article]. More: [Here]

10 August, 2007

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This is an interesting subject that could be discussed for hours, if not days. Stalin was the personification of evil, and so was Lenin. Yet uncle Adolf was crowned ‘official bad guy of the 20th century.’ He had to be, of course, or else Nazism might have spread around the globe. Couldn’t have that, huh? […]

9 August, 2007

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This goes directly against the wishes of America’s founders, who showed through their laws that they wanted our country to be a White republic [1]: [Article] [1] America’s 1790 citizenship law: [Here]

8 August, 2007

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It’s a word which will live forever, despite the intercepts which vindicated the good senator [1]. And – big surprise here – the Jewish cartoonist Herbert Block coined the term [2][3]: A mention of McCarthyism: [Here] [1] about the Venona intercepts: [Here] [2] Sen. McCarthy talks about his enemy Ed Murrow (notice the mention of […]

8 August, 2007

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By Rev. Ted Pike: [Article]

7 August, 2007

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Now is a good time to consider this question: is Islam naturally a threat to the West? Or is it only a threat due to Zionism, globalism and weak immigration laws in the White countries? [Article]

6 August, 2007

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The ADL’s “No Place for Hate” campaign becomes more interesting when one considers that Dr. Kevin MacDonald describes Jews as “hyperethnocentric” [1]: [Article] [1] Dr. MacDonald on Jewish hyperethnocentrism: [Here]

5 August, 2007

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Trotskyism = global revolution to benefit the Jews. Neoconservatism = global revolution to benefit Israel. Not much difference, is there? [1]: [Article] [1] more about neoconservatism and the Trotskyites: [Here] and [Here]