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21 December, 2007

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The ghost of Karl Marx says: “No borders, huh? I like it. It has a ‘one world, one people’ feel to it.”: [Article].

20 December, 2007

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This is from 2003, but it could’ve been written yesterday. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which has damaged America more: Jews, or “conservative” businessmen who only care about money. As the writer Ivor Benson noted, aside from the profits, global capitalism differs little from Marxism. Both are international and revolutionary. Both transform and dilute cultures […]

20 December, 2007

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[Here]. More about Kosovo and Serbia: [Here]. A map of Kosovo and Serbia: [Here].

20 December, 2007

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The apparent strategy here is: since America won’t bomb Iranian nuclear facilities for the Jews, maybe Israel can get cozy enough with the European countries to convince one of them to carry out that action – which will be difficult, given Europe’s anti-Zionist attitudes. (Note the mention of Israel as a “democracy.” If Israel is […]

19 December, 2007

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If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Glassman will become Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs [1]: [Article]. [1] Glassman mentioned as being Jewish: [Here]. (White House chief-of-staff Joshua Bolten is also Jewish)

18 December, 2007

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

18 December, 2007

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Since the 1970s, America has had a “special” relationship with Israel, largely due to the Sinai II agreement, which was negotiated by Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger [1]: [Article]. [1] about the 1975 Sinai II agreement: [Here]

17 December, 2007

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Notice the mention of “racial group” vs. “ethnic group.” (The Jews fit the definition of “racial group” by being heavily inbred. In fact, Ashkenazim Jews are apparently the most inbred of humans, which leads to the important question: why aren’t they called a “race”? That’s a trick question, of course. Anyone who calls the Jews […]

17 December, 2007

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The great thing about Ron Paul is that his support base is almost unlimited. For example, while Candidate A will get mostly Republican support, and Candidate B will get mostly Democrat support, Paul will get support from nearly every segment of society: liberal, moderate, conservative, young, old, vegetarian, veteran, and so forth. That fact no […]

16 December, 2007

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Back in 1970, he probably would have been charged locally with assault, and probably would have been fined or possibly jailed for a few weeks. But in 2007, he receives nearly 5 years in prison on a federal “civil rights” charge. (By the way, America’s “civil rights” laws came from a Jew, i.e., congressman Emanuel […]