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26 October, 2008

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Of course, Canada has been Jewed, just like America and Britain. The father of Canada’s “hate propaganda” law was a Jewish attorney/professor named Maxwell Cohen. Canada’s government adopted many of the Cohen Committee‘s suggestions in 1970, putting them into Criminal Code of Canada Sections 318-320. Another Jew, Milton L. Klein, was the first person to […]

26 October, 2008

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If no deal is reached, Zionism may suffer a big setback. Indeed, when/if U.S. troops leave, a hard-line Muslim could end up controlling Iraq, which would be bad news for Isntreal. (The United Nations mandate that authorizes the American troop presence in Iraq expires Dec. 31): [Article].

25 October, 2008

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by Rev. Ted Pike. “A recurrent theme of Judaism’s highest authority, the Babylonian Talmud, is the right of Jewish men to have sex with 3-year-old girls. My article “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret” (See, Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret, 10/11/06) documents this with copies of passages from the Talmud which endorse such perversion.” “Jewish apologists […]

25 October, 2008

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Uh-oh. Hitting a Jew is like hitting God himself! [1]. Not a good idea. It might complicate things in the afterlife: [Article]. [1] the Jewish idea that striking a Jew = striking God is mentioned in Sanhedrin 58b in the Jews’ Babylonian Talmud. It translates to “if you slap the face of an Israelite, it’s […]

25 October, 2008

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Adolf Hitler: The most over-demonized man in history. No words or deeds, no matter how innocent, are allowed to go uncriticized or uncensored if they might make Hitler “look human.” Of course, it “must” be that way, otherwise White citizens would discover the truth about The Führer: [Article].

24 October, 2008

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Dr. Kevin MacDonald reviews the book “American Transcendentalism: A History” by Philip Gura. The review appears in The Occidental Quarterly, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 91-106, Summer 2008 (this is a Microsoft Word document): [Here].

23 October, 2008

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Certain cities in Europe have neighborhoods that civil employees – e.g., cops, firefighters – can’t enter, due to potential violence from the non-Whites who live there. These so-called “no-go” zones have now appeared in America: [Article].

22 October, 2008

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You really can’t know too much about this topic, and this is a good article. (Also, overheard: A leftist saying that “anti-Semites” have a “paranoid conspiracy theory” which says that the Federal Reserve system was created in order to benefit “a handful” of Jews, apparently meaning the shareholders of Federal Reserve stock. Nope. That’s not […]

22 October, 2008

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After years of affirmative action and lowered standards, women and non-Whites still lag behind White men in actual job performance: [Article].

22 October, 2008

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by George Fanning: [Here].