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5 August, 2007

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Trotskyism = global revolution to benefit the Jews. Neoconservatism = global revolution to benefit Israel. Not much difference, is there? [1]: [Article] [1] more about neoconservatism and the Trotskyites: [Here] and [Here]

4 August, 2007

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This new effort by Jewish congressman Tom Lantos is interesting, since he already led the movement to create the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism back in 2004 [1]. Why is there a need for both a Congressional task force and a State Department office to monitor “anti-Semitism”? Is it so widespread […]

3 August, 2007

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“It is as if the entire political, economic and cultural establishment throughout the Western world, left, centre and right, woke up one day and decided that we now live in the global age, that all cultural and religious differences are irrelevant and that the age of nation states is over.” Understood. But isn’t the multicultural […]

2 August, 2007

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But war? Huge profit. That’s why the Jews have a long history of doing this: first, they foment a war, and then they loan money to each side of the conflict in order to continue the war, e.g., like they did in the U.S. “Civil War” [1]. In fact, the Jewish millionaire Bernard Baruch was […]

1 August, 2007

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Any rewards being offered for Jewish criminals regarding communist-era crimes in Poland? Hungary? Romania? Latvia? [1][2][3] [Article] [1] Poland: [Here] [2] Latvia: [Here] [3] Romania: [Here]

1 August, 2007

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Heard recently (paraphrasing): “If a woman desires too much in life, she may always be disappointed.” Yep. Jewish feminism says that women can have anything they want. False. Women aren’t built that way. Instead, they were designed for a certain role in life (just as men were designed for a certain role in life). The […]

31 July, 2007

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The Jewish suggestion that criticism of Israel equals anti-Semitism may turn out to be a truly horrible idea, since it will automatically label leftists as racists. The Jews could alienate millions of their liberal allies: [Article]

31 July, 2007

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On certain web forums, we have seen White nationalists call the Jews “White.” Why is that? There’s no excuse for it. The subject of Jewish racial/ethnic features should be an early, and central, part of White nationalist studies. WNs should, hopefully, be able to describe Jewish genetic features just as easily as they can recall […]

30 July, 2007

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30 July, 2007

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[Article]. Those of you who still vote: you might want to call your senators. Senate contact information: [Here].