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23 November, 2007

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In the West these days, the White “natives” always have to please the non-White “newcomers.” Somehow, the newcomers never have to accept the Whiteness of the Western countries. It’s a one-way street, with Whites giving up their culture(s) to foreigners [1]: [Article]. [1] more about political correctness: [Here]

22 November, 2007

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The meeting will be held on November 27, 2007. The world will then see whether Israel wants peace or not. Of course, Israel’s behavior during the past 50 years has shown that it doesn’t want peace but instead wants to be an entirely Jewish state, free of any Palestinians (who comprise 20% of Israel’s population) […]

22 November, 2007

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A good ad: [Here].

21 November, 2007

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In 1999, NATO airplanes bombed the Serbs for 78 days. Wasn’t that enough? Will there be more globalism directed against the Serbs in order to bring them into line with the New World Order, a.k.a. the Jew World Order? [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Dr. William Pierce on the war against the Serbs: [Here] and [Here] [2] […]

21 November, 2007

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An article about Guillaume Faye, by Jürgen Graf: [Here].

21 November, 2007

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When Rhodesia was run by White people, it was prosperous. Indeed, its rich farmlands made it the “breadbasket” of Africa. Now it’s called Zimbabwe, Blacks run it, and it’s a catastrophe. Notice the mention of Hoogstraten (a.k.a. van Hoogstraten) in the footnote [1][2]: [Article]. [1] more about Zimbabwe: [Here] [2] more about Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and […]

20 November, 2007

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Why are Mexican criminals classified as White? [Article].

20 November, 2007

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The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the city of Washington, D.C. can ban handguns. Make no mistake: this case, known as Heller v. District of Columbia, is an extremely important one. It will probably settle the question of whether the 2nd Amendment applies to individual citizens or only to militias. (Of course, […]

20 November, 2007

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

19 November, 2007

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Whenever hate is mentioned, remember that Judaism is the world’s oldest form of hate [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about the bigotry found in Judaism’s halakhic (i.e., religious) laws: [Here] [2] about the bigotry found in the Talmud: [Here]