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13 October, 2007

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This law is fundamentally rooted in the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which banned racial discrimination in the renting and selling of homes [1]: [Article]. [1] about the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler: [Here]

12 October, 2007

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The abortion movement is all about advancing the feminist agenda. After all, it’s difficult for a career-chick to go to college, get a degree and then work in a fancy office if she has children. That’s why the Jews and the liberals are worried about Roe v. Wade being overturned: [Article].

11 October, 2007

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White men play second fiddle to minorities and women. Why is that? Didn’t White men build the West? Also, how many Jewish lawyers does it take to create a “human right”? Are there any statistics about that?: [Article].

11 October, 2007

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The move toward an international currency is basically a Marxist one. Supercapitalism and communism aren’t that far apart, despite surface appearances. They’re both global, they both transform entire cultures, but one turns a profit, too [1]. (Furthermore, a question: what will the Federal Reserve’s role be if America adopts a global currency?): [Article]. [1] about […]

10 October, 2007

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Herman won’t apologize for telling the truth: [Article].

9 October, 2007

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It bans criticism of homosexuals. Justice Secretary Jack Straw said that “we” are now appalled at animosity toward queers. Who is “we”? All of England? Is Straw speaking for the entire gentile public? [1]: [Article]. [1] Straw mentioned as having “Jewish ancestry”: [Here]

8 October, 2007

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Of course, “standard” here means a money system created and managed by Jews. This is exactly why some people are afraid of Ron Paul’s political campaign: it may shed too much light on the Federal Reserve system [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] the Federal Reserve system’s chief architect was the Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg, who is […]

8 October, 2007

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Read Talmudic passages for yourself: Judaism is bigotry posing as a religion. Since the Catholic church gave in to Jewish wishes back in 1965, isn’t it time for the Jews to reciprocate? [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about the Talmud: [Here] [2] about the Vatican’s 1965 Nostra Aetate ruling, which absolved the Jews re: Christ’s death: [Here]

7 October, 2007

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Israel’s air strike against Syria was typical, since the Jewish state has a long history of attacking its neighbors for reasons of “self-defense” [1]. Indeed, the Jewish people have always portrayed themselves as innocents who must defend themselves from time to time against anti-Semitic evildoers (consider the old Polish proverb: “The Jew cries out in […]

6 October, 2007

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The state of Wyoming sued the BATFE and is appealing the court ruling. This matter stems from the 1996 Lautenberg Act, which came from Jewish senator Frank Lautenberg. It prohibits citizens from owning guns if they have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about the Lautenberg Act: [Here] [2] more about gun […]