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27 March, 2008

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Some interesting stuff: [Here].

26 March, 2008

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by Robert E. Reis: [Here]. (Newbies, take note: “gender” is not to be confused with “sex”).

26 March, 2008

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There’s some good commentary here, as usual. (But instead of mentioning the Pearl Harbor attack, he could have mentioned Franklin D. Roosevelt’s September 1941 “shoot-on-sight” order for German ships/U-boats, an order which was a de facto declaration of war on Germany. America had, for all practical purposes, already entered World War II by the time […]

25 March, 2008

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by Rev. Ted Pike: [Here].

24 March, 2008

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That crisis is, of course, the result of allowing Jewish money-magicians free rein in our society. (Another result of such free rein is that many gentiles – especially in the finance sector – have, in a sense, become Jews themselves by adopting the financial attitudes and habits of the self-chosen): [Article].

24 March, 2008

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The Black mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, has been charged with various crimes, including perjury and obstruction of justice: [Article].

23 March, 2008

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What exactly happened on September 11, 2001? It’s a question that – thankfully – isn’t going away: [Article].

23 March, 2008

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Such a solid commitment is puzzling when you consider the following: 1) Israel is a racist state; 2) America worked hard to close down all of the other racist states, such as Nazi Germany, Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa; 3) America also closed down its own racist “Jim Crow” governments in the South. In other […]

22 March, 2008

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How could that make America more secure or promote world peace? In fact, it will only worsen relations between America and Russia: [Article].

22 March, 2008

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by Jayne Gardener: [Here].