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20 August, 2008

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Whites thought that they could co-exist with Blacks, but they should have realized that, sooner or later, Blacks would gain political power (with help from Jews and liberals): [Article].

20 August, 2008

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This isn’t a conservative deal. It’s a neoconservative deal. (Trivia: the Polish foreign minister who signed the agreement, Radoslaw “Radek” Sikorski, is married to an American-born Jewish journalist): [Article].

19 August, 2008

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Michael Hoffman comments at his blog: [Here].

19 August, 2008

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

19 August, 2008

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Never mind that Jews such as Max Schatz-Anin led the communist movement in Latvia, which in turn caused “anti-Semitic” incidents to occur there. In fact, a powerful, Latvian-born Jew in the Soviet NKVD, Simeon (also spelled Semion) Shustin, was a key player in the rape of Latvia. Shustin’s underlings were also frequently Jewish. The self-chosen […]

18 August, 2008

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In 2001, Bush saw Vladimir Putin as a budding, Western-style “democrat,” a man who would, no doubt, be willing to turn Russia into an eastern version of America, complete with a pro-Israel foreign policy. It turned out that Putin wasn’t a democrat (just like America’s founders weren’t democrats), hence America’s Russophobia. Notice the mention of […]

18 August, 2008

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by Robert Faurisson: [Here].

17 August, 2008

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The Jews know that they must admit a small number of outsiders – such as Ethiopians – into Israel just to be able to suggest to the world that the Jewish state isn’t race-based like Nazi Germany was. But it is. In fact, Israel has become more Jewish while all of the Western countries have […]

17 August, 2008

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For those of you who read it has been given a makeover: [Here].

16 August, 2008

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This ruling significantly loosens Denmark’s immigration law, which was tightened-up back in 2002. Europeans, why not learn “The Internationale” to show that you’re on the proper side of things? [Article].