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4 May, 2007

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Care to guess where this idea is going? And a question: why is a Jewish senator on a Homeland Security committee in a gentile country? And what does Lieberman mean by “our” enemies? In fact, America didn’t have many enemies until the Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948:

3 May, 2007

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AmeriKwa is a race-denying country, sure, but England is even worse. Just as the Jews are pre-programmed to worship money, (most) modern Brits are pre-programmed to be race sell-outs. England was once a White empire which ruled half of the world, but now it’s a country which allows Jews and negroes into its government. From […]

2 May, 2007

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Saluting the people who have nearly wrecked Western culture. And, uh, “Jewish Americans?” What on earth is a “Jewish American?” As the famous rabbi Stephen S. Wise once admitted, wherever Jews reside in the world, they are Jews first and foremost. In other words, if a Jew lives in France, he isn’t a Frenchman. Instead, […]

2 May, 2007

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Just kidding. Actually, it’s the Jew World Order, since God’s Pets virtually invented the political Left in the Western countries. Here’s a new, pro-homosexual video for your little Timmy: More about the “gay”-rights movement here:

2 May, 2007

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The U.S. military doesn’t allow “supremacist” ideas within its ranks? Then why, we ask, does it allow Judaism, a religion which is based on the bigoted concept that the Jews are “God’s chosen people” and are therefore superior to all other humans? [1]. Put a different way: anti-Jewish ideas are prohibited but anti-gentile ideas are […]

1 May, 2007

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Women used to be sex objects who swapped chicken recipes. Now they occupy the highest levels of our government. How far America has progressed! Say, how long will Mom be absent from Congress on maternity leave?,2933,269282,00.html

30 April, 2007

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The United Nations was founded by – among other people – Jewish communists such as Solomon Adler, Victor Perlo and Harry Dexter White (in fact, the “father” of the UN was a Jew named Dr. Leo Pasvolsky). The UN also allowed China – a mass-murdering, communist state – to join the UN Security Council. Why? […]

29 April, 2007

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Israel didn’t become a paradise? That isn’t surprising. Because Jews, for all of their cunning, seem to be pre-programmed to derail themselves. Sure, they can make money, but they also make lots of enemies, and they have no morals or self-control. In the end, any Jewish state will eat itself. Or, to put it another […]

29 April, 2007

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Why must men rearrange everything in their lives to accommodate chicks-in-manpants? Leave crimefighting to men. Let women cook, clean and birth instead – after all, that’s what they’re here for:

28 April, 2007

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Never mind the fact that Dr. MacDonald’s observations about Jews are entirely accurate. The authoring of books about Jews isn’t “allowed” in America these days – unless the books bend to Semitical Correctness. Worse, MacDonald can put a “legitimate” face on Jew-truthing-by-gentiles. Can’t have that, says Rabbi Ira Silvergoldbergwitz. America really is the Land of […]