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29 July, 2007

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[Article] More about the SPLC: [Here]

29 July, 2007

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Street gangs exist in the American military – even in war zones like Iraq. (Of course, America’s gang problems aren’t really gang problems, they’re non-White problems. Trivia: a Hungarian-born Jewess named Anna M. Rosenberg – who was Assistant Secretary of Defense – was a key figure in convincing the U.S. government to racially integrate the […]

29 July, 2007

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An article about Metapedia, the White encyclopedia: [Here]. Also, Metapedia has apparently been attacked by trolls.

28 July, 2007

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A country of innocent victims? Or a country of supremacist thugs? [1]: [Article] [1] wars which Israel started: [Here]

28 July, 2007

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The war-for-Israel’s-benefit isn’t going smoothly: [Article]

27 July, 2007

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Unless there has been a postponement, former National Alliance leader Shaun Walker and two other men convicted with him will be sentenced on July 31, 2007. They face years in prison. “Civil rights” as a legal concept is bogus. For example, back when America was still more-or-less a White republic (i.e., 1883), the U.S. Supreme […]

26 July, 2007

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Some interesting stuff: [Here]

26 July, 2007

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It happens routinely: a city or state creates a law to deal with illegal immigrants, but a federal judge voids it: [Article]

26 July, 2007

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Why bother? America has already abandoned nativism on the whole. Of course, we had some help with that abandoning, e.g., Jewish, Jewish-founded or Jewish-staffed groups have long tried to convince White people that the preservation of White cultural hegemony is undesirable or even immoral [1]: [Article] [1] a mention of the SPLC’s staff: [Here]. (Trivia: […]

25 July, 2007

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There was a time when no country singer would have anything to do with a function that concerned M. L. King, Jr., whose closest adviser was a Jewish communist [1]: [Article] [1] Stanley Levison was King’s top adviser. More about Levison: [Here]