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19 June, 2008

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Distributors of pro-White fliers are ticketed in the Detroit area (see near bottom of article): [Article].

18 June, 2008

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No matter where you go in this world, one fact never changes: race is important. Lynn’s new book would make a great gift for a friend or relative who still believes that the human races are equal: [Article].

17 June, 2008

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by Rev. Ted Pike: [Here].

17 June, 2008

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What a great example of why global government exists: to aid world Jewry. The self-chosen tried to use the UN to do their dirty work, but that didn’t work out as planned. The UN turned out to be rather toothless, and anti-Zionist as well. So now the Jews will try to use the EU and […]

16 June, 2008

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

16 June, 2008

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Mr. Israel comes from a Jewish family, but he says he’s a Christian. Anyway, this is a good time to recall Dr. William Pierce’s observation that most of America’s big swindlers – i.e., people who steal not just millions but hundreds of millions of dollars – have been Jews, a detail that becomes more interesting […]

16 June, 2008

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True, the definition of “White” has shifted somewhat, e.g., Italians and Spaniards used to be considered non-White. But “White” will always mean “your ancestors originated from a White European country.” [1]. That automatically excludes negroes, Mexicans, Jews, Asians and various mixtures of those groups. They can call themselves “White” but it won’t mean that they […]

15 June, 2008

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Notice the mention of Jewish judge Mukasey, who is now Attorney General: [Here].

15 June, 2008

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Elite leaders always think they can do as they please. Note that Sarkozy’s mother is Jewish: [Article].

15 June, 2008

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Crime isn’t really getting better overall. Non-White hoodlums are merely changing locations. They’re moving from run-down housing projects to neighborhoods like yours, thanks to government housing programs like Section 8. (Here’s another thing that you can thank the Jews for, newbies. They pioneered the false idea that all humans are equal – or can be […]