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14 March, 2008

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In 1975, Zionism was racism [1]. Today, anti-Zionism is racism. The definition of anti-Semitism is being altered in order to better defend Israel, since Zionism is on the upswing, thanks to the neoconservatives. More details: the U.S. State Department office which released the anti-Semitism report was created by legislation from a Jew [2]. Lastly, Zionism […]

13 March, 2008

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Another politician, another sex scandal? Not really. Spitzer’s Jewish, his replacement is Black and legally blind, he may face criminal charges, and some of the accusations against him will keep tabloids busy for months: [Article].

13 March, 2008

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by Patrick Grimm: [Here].

13 March, 2008

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The neocons are no doubt partying over this news. Does Fallon’s departure pave the way for a U.S. airstrike on Iran for Israel’s benefit? [Article].

12 March, 2008

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One arrest has been made in the slaying of Eve Carson. Another person is still being sought by police. Both suspects are Black males: [Article].

12 March, 2008

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– The Quest for Northern European Survival, September 1989. – Bombfather, the Plagiarist, November 1994. – The White Arts Movement, October 1996 . – Waspishly Yours [Barbie], February 1998. – The Great Betrayal, June 1998. – Jewish Movers and Shakers, May 1998. – Why Walt Disney Is No Friend of Jewry, May 1998. – Notes […]

11 March, 2008

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“Instead of submitting anti-Semitism to the free play of ideas, instead of making it a topic for debate in which all can join, Jews and their liberal supporters have managed to organize an inquisition in which all acts, writings and even thoughts critical of Jewry are treated as a threat to the moral order of […]

11 March, 2008

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White Aussies are “voting with their feet”: [Article].

11 March, 2008

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“There are two groups of European Jews, the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim, who differ in physical characters. When it is said that a person has a Jewish appearance, the speaker usually has persons of Ashkenazic stock in mind. The members of this group are the typical Jews of Russia, Poland, and England, and they constitute […]

10 March, 2008

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After a public apology, Jewish governor Eliot Spitzer’s political future seems uncertain: [Article].