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23 May, 2007

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Big Jew: “Okay, you neutralized Saddam Hussein for Israel. That’s a good start. Now, you must 1) stay in Iraq for as long as possible; 2) start moving against Iran. Understand?” America: “Yes, master.” [Article]

22 May, 2007

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It happens all the time in AmeriKwa: some city or state creates a law, and then some federal court blocks the law. Indeed, it seems that “everything is federal” these days. In other words, state and local governments now have little power to regulate activity in their own jurisdictions. (Of course, historically speaking, Jews played […]

21 May, 2007

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This guy is White? This guy is also White? Here’s a guy who was born in Mexico, but he’s listed as White by the federal government. Who benefits when Mexicans are called “White”? All non-Whites benefit, since that alters crime statistics which mention the ethnicity of criminals.

21 May, 2007

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How many people were killed by immigration “extremists” last year? Any? How many people were killed by negroes and Mexicans? Thousands, we guess. So why focus attention on anti-immigration activists? Besides that, anyone who has studied the matter knows that America’s founders created a White republic [1]. Also, note the mention of Pauly: [Article] [1] […]

20 May, 2007

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Those of you who are still registered voters: if you don’t want 20 million Mexicans to become U.S. citizens/legal residents in the next 13 years, please call your Congressmen about this bill. The bill is called the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007,” also known as bill S.1348. Contact information for the Senate: [Here] Contact […]

19 May, 2007

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The Muslim world knows that America is a vehicle which is used by World Jewry to advance Israel’s interests, even if many Americans don’t know. Of course, the special relationship between America and Israel really began with Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger’s MOU – also called Sinai II – in 1975 [1]: [Article] [1] more about […]

18 May, 2007

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What a coincidence: we just mentioned Zangwill in the last post. Is “melting pot” usage part of the curriculum at Jewish schools? [Article]

18 May, 2007

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Why are “conservative” Congressmen supporting the amnesty bill for illegal aliens? Because they aren’t “conservative” – in fact, that word is now nearly meaningless as a political term. All it means is that a Congressman supports Israel, only half of Big Jew’s agenda, and big business interests. How is that “conservative?” This new amnesty law […]

16 May, 2007

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Why does the “diversity movement” exist? Because White males no longer control the West. They allowed Jews, Blacks, Browns and women into leadership positions in the White countries. Bad idea. White males built the West and only they can manage it properly. Jews, Blacks and Browns aren’t Western. Wearing White clothes, driving White cars and […]

16 May, 2007

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[Article] More about Wolfowitz here: [Article] and here: [Article]