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28 April, 2007

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“Homophobia” is an interesting word. It means that a non-homosexual is afraid of homosexuals – which usually isn’t true, no matter how repulsive a straight person might find an ass-burglar. And guess who coined the word “homophobia?” [1] [1] the word “homophobia”:

28 April, 2007

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4-27-07 It’s bad enough that Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg’s 1996 gun law prohibits people who are convicted of misdemeanor crimes from owning firearms [1]. Now, it looks like Lautenberg is at it again, this time by using the “war” on “terror” as a reason for gun prohibition. [A handy word, “terror.” It can be used […]

28 April, 2007

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4-27-07 Powerful U.S. Jew #1: “Russia may cause trouble for Jews sometime in the near future. In fact, Russia just sold powerful missiles to Syria, a country which poses a possible threat to Israel. In other words, Russia didn’t play ‘The Jewish Game.’ That’s a no-no.” Powerful U.S. Jew #2: Yeah, everyone has to play […]