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12 July, 2016

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Dr. William Pierce once said that the Jews have spent 3,000 years engaging in nation-wrecking, and they aren’t done yet. They are actually at war with gentiles because, to quote the Jew, Maurice Samuel, the Jews need a world of their own [1]. [Article]. . [1] “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers […]

26 April, 2010

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*Poof!* There’s a stack of foreign currency! *Poof!* It just doubled in size! *Poof!* Now it tripled! And look at those stock-market maneuvers – wow! What? You think that global money-magic should be outlawed? What are you, a communist? Don’t you believe in capitalism? [Article].

7 June, 2009

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by Ellen Brown. “What actually drove the wartime inflation into hyperinflation, said Schacht, was speculation by foreign investors, who would bet on the mark’s decreasing value by selling it short.” (By the way, the Jewish, international tycoon George Soros is a currency speculator): [Article].

17 September, 2008

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George Soros – someone who Henry Ford would have called an “international Jew” – says that Italy should be prevented from trying to control its gypsy population: [Article]. Soros has also been involved in anti-gun activism: [Article].