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10 July, 2006

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For humans? Eh, not so much… OPEN LETTER TO SEPP BLATTER re 2010 World Cup       Dear Sir       I wish to bring to your attention the state of our country so that you can warn the World Cup soccer fans and sportsmen that will be coming to South Africa and staying here for the […]

18 April, 2006

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High Court annuls asylum for white S. Africans By James Vicini Reuters Monday, April 17, 2006; 11:19 AM WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court overturned on Monday a ruling that federal law for political asylum in the United States covered a white South African family who faced threats from blacks angry at the racism of […]

31 March, 2006

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Good stuff from the Griffin files (that’s Robert, not the walleyed sellout Nick). Article. Let’s be clear on something: nostalgia is not the White man’s friend. What is destroyed is done with, it can never be rebuilt. The genius of the White race lies in its intellectual fearlessness. What do we do from the situation […]

19 March, 2006

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Feral urchins, drunks and vagabonds: this is the world of the real-life tsotsi By Jonathan Clayton South Africa’s Oscar-winning film Tsotsi has focussed attention on the country’s street children THE early morning chill has barely left the streets of Hillbrow, one of downtown Johannesburg’s most notorious crime zones. But for Papi, Jan and David — […]

11 March, 2006

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Compare Bush and de Klerk. As their wars went south, they retreated into their own private heavens. Here’s The Scourge of the ANC‘s Dan Roodt: FW de Klerk is a consummate liar who has by now shifted his position so many times that no-one remembers the details from ten years ago anymore. However, he and […]