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27 January, 2010

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by Dr. William Pierce. “We spoke a few weeks ago about the mass murder of the leadership stratum of the Polish nation by the Soviet secret police in the Katyn Forest in April 1940. We discussed that genocidal atrocity in the light of the ongoing Jewish campaign to portray Jews as the principal victims of […]

17 November, 2009

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(Photo of Lazar Kaganovich) Jews murdered tens of millions of gentiles in the Soviet Union, e.g., the Ukraine famine-murders (“Holodomor”) were carried out by the yid named Lazar Kaganovich, a top Soviet official who, interestingly, was from the Ukraine himself. Western journalists largely ignored the murders upon orders from their Jewish or leftist bosses, who […]

16 October, 2009

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(This is a repost) by William Eleroy Curtis, May 1907. This article is about the 1905 revolution. See especially pages 313 and 314 re: Jews. Click on the pages to enlarge them: [Article].

3 September, 2009

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“The most critically acclaimed film in the history of Polish cinema”: [Article]. More about the movie: [Here].

10 June, 2009

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There’s a lot that could be said about this incident, but maybe this fellow just got tired of hearing about the HolyCo$t every three days. Anyhow, questions for newbies to consider: why is there a HolyCo$t museum in every state in America when the HolyCo$t didn’t “happen” here? And when are they going to build […]

30 November, 2008

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“The inconsistency goes even further. Jewish organisations are as one in condemning Western societies, Western traditions, and Christianity, for past crimes against Jews. Yet they never talk about Jewish crimes.” Yep. The Ukrainian holocaust was carried out by Stalin’s top henchman, Lazar M. Kaganovich (above), a Jew from the Ukraine who must have felt perverse […]

6 October, 2008

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Is Romania also going to build a memorial to all of the gentiles who were murdered by the Jewish communists? [1]: [Article]. [1] a list of Jews in the Romanian, communist government (scroll about 3/4 down the page): [Here]

14 September, 2008

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It’s bad enough that the Ukrainian people suffered terribly under the Jewish, communist thug Lazar Kaganovich. Now, Ukraine’s culture is being kiked again, this time with an off-shoot of communism, i.e., egalitarianism, another specialty of the self-chosen: [Article].

19 August, 2008

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Never mind that Jews such as Max Schatz-Anin led the communist movement in Latvia, which in turn caused “anti-Semitic” incidents to occur there. In fact, a powerful, Latvian-born Jew in the Soviet NKVD, Simeon (also spelled Semion) Shustin, was a key player in the rape of Latvia. Shustin’s underlings were also frequently Jewish. The self-chosen […]

3 August, 2008

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who alerted much of the Western world to the Soviet-committed holocaust via his book “The Gulag Archipelago,” is dead at 89. A later Solzhenitsyn book which details the Jewish role in that Soviet holocaust – called “Two Hundred Years Together” – has yet to be published in English “for some strange reason”: [Article].