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16 September, 2021

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Globalism: one world. One government. One people. One currency. No borders. Free tacos. Sounds kinda cool, huh? If only it was! If only! Sadly, it’s not like it sounds. It sounds neat (Brotherhood! Roasting marshmallows around campfires while the sexy sounds of Joan Baez waft gently through the night air and owls hoot in the […]

13 September, 2021

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First, there was regular (economic) Marxism. Then there was Cultural Marxism. Now there’s Medical Marxism (applying Marxist totalitarianism to anything medical. It isn’t Medical Fascism because fascism isn’t totalitarian, it’s merely authoritarian, i.e., it’s not as severe as totalitarianism) [1]. Canada: get the toxic jab or you lose your job (and she did lose it). […]

11 August, 2021

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Instead of being neutral about racial matters, scientists are shocked and scared that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can recognize race. That speaks volumes about modern scientists. It’s as if they want to not discover racial things! Which is, of course, the case, because they know that racial matters are taboo in the West since circa the […]

8 August, 2021

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No one is safe when leftists control the government, since they have no standards and no morals. Not only was the U.S. government full of Soviet spies during the WWII years and afterwards, but, when told about the spies, the next leftist government (the Truman administration, which began in April 1945) did nothing about the […]

6 August, 2021

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(Above: the Soviet ambassador to America, Maxim Litvinov (real name Wallach-Finkelstein), the Jewish creep who met with Roosevelt on Nov. 16, 1933. At that meeting, Roosevelt “recognized” the Soviet Union as a legitimate state, when in fact it wasn’t. It was the world’s first criminal state. Contrast that with Hitler’s Germany, which was not a […]

11 July, 2021

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Political Correctness (P.C.) was a Soviet term. It referred to “a statement that is not factually correct, but is nonetheless politically correct” [1]. It was telling a lie that pleased the communist party, in other words. Today, it’s “the policing of speech.” Why does P.C. exist in America, “the land of the free”? (By the […]

13 June, 2021

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(Above: under the de-Nazification program, German women were forced to carry the putrefying body of a dead Jew for re-burial. The odor must have been staggering. The Jew was likely a subversive: a Marxist, a socialist, etc. De-Nazification was pure get-evenism, pure ethnic revenge, and nothing more. “How dare those White men oppress God’s Chosen […]

29 May, 2021

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“Woke” (i.e., Cultural Marxism/political correctness) was tolerated for quite a while, until it began targeting really young children [1]. Then Whites began pushing back against it. The very idea that a 4-year-old child is “racist” and needs Marxist indoctrination in pre-school! [Article]. . [1] newbies, “politically correct” (PC) was a popular Soviet term. It referred […]

2 April, 2021

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This essay makes good points. The similarities between Mao’s China, the Soviet Union and modern America are scary. The lies come at us fast and hard today! If the government, or the media, is gaslighting the citizens [1], it basically means that they are playing mind games on the citizens: deliberately telling them false things […]

12 March, 2021

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(Above: Yakov Sverdlov [1885-1919]. Sverdlov succeeded Lev Kamenev and therefore became the second Jewish president of the so-called “Soviet Republic”). The Jew, Yakov Sverdlov, was actually higher in rank than the part-Jew, V. I. Lenin. Sverdlov held the unusual position in late 1917 of heading both the Soviet government and the Bolshevik Party at once. […]