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21 February, 2010

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Fascism is an interesting thing. It could save the West, but who actually wants to live under a dictatorship? Not many people would sit still for it for very long. Most WNs admire fascism but only from afar. Here’s a quote about fascism (i.e., “authoritarian regimes”) [1]: “Authoritarian regimes rarely ask for loans. They are […]

14 October, 2009

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This isn’t related to race per se but it is about the battle against the Jewish ideology of Marxism. Argentina’s “dirty war” is an interesting topic to study for several different reasons, e.g., the total hypocrisy of the “international community” regarding it vs. similar leftist crimes [1], and the failure of “democracy” to solve serious […]

5 September, 2009

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Oy veh, just when you think you have someone completely blacklisted, what happens? [Article]. Official “regrets” [Here].

1 August, 2009

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Gee, who could have guessed? A name-changing Jew – his real name was Friedmann – was a photo faker. (Of course, nearly everything about the Spanish Civil War was fake, e.g., the Jewish-managed, Soviet-backed “republicans” were said to have been fighting for “democracy” and not communism, and General Franco was said to have been an […]

19 June, 2009

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What if the BNP gains more power? White people might throw off the chains of the New World Order. Good heavens. Freedom could break out! [Article].

21 May, 2009

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Yeah, suuure. Anything to discredit “fascism.” Newbies, unlike democracy, fascism can actually preserve culture and can stop the Jews, hence the fear of it. Trivia: the top Soviet officials who were based in Spain in order to fight Franco and communize that country were Jews, e.g., Grigori Stern, Emilio Kleber, Yakov Smushkevich, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko and […]

21 February, 2009

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An important victory for feminism. Soon, women will be able to work 10-hour days outside of the home. The “old ball-and-chain” of child-rearing after pregnancy will disappear. Betty Friedan would be proud: [Article].

12 February, 2009

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Spain won’t recognize the new, bandit state of Kosovo, which is composed mostly of part-Turkish, Muslim Albanians who are squatting on what was once a White region, i.e., Old Serbia. That non-Whites were allowed to steal ancient, culturally-important, White land with America’s blessing says a lot about the USA. In fact, given how America usually […]

18 December, 2008

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Spain can’t allow any Franco memories to stand in the way of equalocracy. It’s funny: Franco saved Spain from being communized by the Soviet-backed “republicans” [1], but what does he get in return? Demonization and banishment: [Article]. [1] the top Soviet adviser in Spain was a Jew, General Grigori Stern. Other Soviet Jews who acted […]

9 October, 2008

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Jewish actor Leslie Howard’s plane was shot down by the Germans off the coast of France in 1943; it has never been found. The Germans apparently knew that he was spying for the allies. Interestingly, Howard (above) looked and acted like an upper-crust gentile: [Article].