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18 December, 2008

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Spain can’t allow any Franco memories to stand in the way of equalocracy. It’s funny: Franco saved Spain from being communized by the Soviet-backed “republicans” [1], but what does he get in return? Demonization and banishment: [Article]. [1] the top Soviet adviser in Spain was a Jew, General Grigori Stern. Other Soviet Jews who acted […]

9 October, 2008

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Jewish actor Leslie Howard’s plane was shot down by the Germans off the coast of France in 1943; it has never been found. The Germans apparently knew that he was spying for the allies. Interestingly, Howard (above) looked and acted like an upper-crust gentile: [Article].

15 July, 2008

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Surrendering its sovereignty, Spain embraces globalism and the NWO/JWO: [Article].

9 November, 2007

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Great news. Of course, most “Holocaust deniers” aren’t deniers but questioners of Jewish nonsense [1][2]: [Article]. [1] the Leuchter Report about the Holocaust: [Here] [2] examples of Holocaust nonsense: [Here]

10 July, 2006

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Friday was the first anniversary of the 7/7 suicide bombings in London, so let’s take a good look at Madrid. Why Madrid? Because the train-bombing there helps to illustrate how Jews are wrecking the West. The Jewish scorpion has two claws and Spain was crushed first by the right claw, then by the left. When […]

14 April, 2006

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[A couple days ago it was Sheppard and O’Farrell in England; now this…] The owner of a bookshop in Barcelona, the Librería Europa, Pedro Varela, has been arrested this week by the regional police, Los Mossos d’Esquadra for distributing books with a racialist, and neonazi content. The books are said to be in several different […]

21 March, 2006

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[Global communication + global transportion = canaille bung-rushing Humanistan. Raspail saw it all in the seventies in Camp of the Saints, as most of you are well aware.] Spain Seeks Immigration Solution with Morocco March 15, 2006 NewsLog By Sabina Castelfranco Pozzallo, Sicily – Six months have passed since incidents in which African immigrants died […]

14 March, 2006

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[The Big Lie that jews were gassed in WWII continues to linger. The real gas is the poisonous exhalation from the lungs of liars like Dirty Debbie Schluessel, Aryan wannabe, below. One of the more objectionable things about jewish media control is that jewish concerns are made to occupy our every waking moment, so that […]