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17 November, 2019

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Regarding China, when are the Americans who (daily) aid-and-abet this mass-murdering communist country going to be arrested by the U.S. Justice Department? Specifically, why is China allowed to have their state-owned companies listed on the American stock market? Why are U.S. stock market owners/managers helping China? Hmmmm? What’s next? U.S. defense contracts for Chinese companies? […]

21 September, 2019

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There are two types of con games: the short con and the long con. The Federal Reserve itself is a long con. It’s been going on for decades. We have all heard that “America is not a command economy like the Soviet Union. It’s instead a free-market economy where public demand/activity decides monetary activities and […]

20 December, 2018

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Powerful Jew #1: “Saaaay, I’ve got a great idea: let’s tie the whole U.S. economy to the stock market! Everything could hinge on ‘the market.’ Old people could even put their retirement money into ‘the market!’” Powerful Jew #2: “That sounds perfect! It’s always safe to pin your hopes to a giant gambling operation! And […]

15 February, 2016

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A few years ago, the police raided a local business that was hosting poker games in the back room; the jackpots were maybe $300 each – small stuff; people were actually arrested for gambling! Yet, how strange that other forms of gambling (the stock market, the lottery, horse racing, etc.) are perfectly legal, as long […]

15 May, 2014

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This article is from 2008, but nonetheless, I did not know that a significant percentage (60%) of worker pension plans are tied into the stock market, which is basically a gambling network. If anything bad happens in the stock market, your retirement savings could be in serious trouble. [Article].

1 June, 2012

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European country #1: “I don’t understand it. The Jewish experts told us that, if we joined the EU and adopted the Euro as our currency, things would be all sunshine and rainbows. But they’re not.” European country #2: “Yeah, what’s going on? Globalism is supposed to be a necessary part of modern life – you […]

13 December, 2010

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Right? No? Better not say that to a rabbi. The stock market is said to be “good for the economy” because, for example, businesses can start-up and grow much faster via publicly-traded stock than they could otherwise. But who cares? Why is that a good thing? How fast does the economy need to grow, anyway? […]

17 October, 2009

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Money, money, money, get yours now! Call your broker – don’t wait another second! Be greedy – it’s okay! Gentiles act like Jews while our jobs go south. Nice. (Granted, why wouldn’t they act like Yids? From kindergarten onward they’re steeped in Jew-greed from TV, magazines, newspapers…in fact, why doesn’t everyone don a yarmulke now […]

3 October, 2008

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Gentiles on Main Street will pay out big money for the slippery practices of the mostly-Jewish bankers on Wall Street. Could the “subprime loan” crisis – which caused the Wall Street crash – have happened without “fractional-reserve” banking? No. There wouldn’t have been enough money in the system. Too much money was available. Question: who […]

28 February, 2007

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by Edgar J. Steele My name is Edgar J. Steele. Aren’t you glad you hold physical silver? Sure it went down today – what’s more, it is getting really pasted in the overseas markets this evening. I hope it really dumps and gets down below $10 an ounce. Doubt that will happen, though. Probably $12 […]