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5 April, 2022

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You can call Obamacare “ScrewWhiteyCare” because well-to-do Whites were taxed heavily so that Blacks could enjoy free (or nearly-free) healthcare. As usual, Whites must pay for Blacks. Indeed, Blacks are “expensive people.” In fact, if you were to tally up how much money White people spend per year due to Black people, the amount would […]

29 August, 2021

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Phase 1 was the two fake Donald Trump impeachments, which were fraudulent and based on nothing. Phase 2 was Covid-19. Phase 3 was endless rioting. Phase 4 was removing Trump from office by stealing the 2020 election. This war on White property is Phase 5. Did Trump really scare Big Jew and Big Liberal that […]

24 July, 2021

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You know how the Covid lockdowns were an attack on conservatives, since most small business owners were Trump supporters before they lost their businesses or killed themselves? Well, the Covid “vaccines” are also an attack on conservatives, because they’re much more likely to say “no” to the jab, being the freedom-loving, anti-Big-Brother people that they […]

6 June, 2021

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In the minds of liberals, what’s even better than federal power? Global power. “Evil globalist millionaires aren’t paying their fair share of taxes!” says the globalist multi-millionaire Joe Biden. “Pot calling kettle black.” Isn’t this just typical? Say what you will about corporations (not many people like them, and for good reason), but this will […]

28 March, 2021

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(Above: the Black and White characters in the TV series “I, Spy” circa 1965. Suddenly in the 1960s, Blacks were appearing almost everywhere on TV when previously they were never seen. This coincided with the rise of the New Left political movement). Leftism (read: Judeo-leftism) rests on three main pillars. Without those pillars, leftism would […]

13 December, 2020

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One day, my dad came home from work and said that he had gotten a pay raise. But he didn’t seem very happy about it. When asked why, he said, “sure, I will earn more now, but the raise bumps me into a higher tax bracket. So I will pay more in taxes. So the […]

12 December, 2020

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Radio broadcast titled “Freedom To Chains,” 1965. “Just by turning to the left, the world has gone in circles” (Remember that). By Paul Harvey (1918-2009), an American radio host. RIP, Mr. Harvey. He knew that taxation creates slaves. [Audio, 12 minutes].

14 August, 2020

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Whitey is eventually going to get tired of the Black/antifa bullshit in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York City and Atlanta, and he’ll leave those places for good. When that happens, the tax base in those places will disappear, and those places will go bankrupt (since Whitey is, by far, the most productive of the citizenry). […]

12 April, 2020

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White men earn money by working. Jews and other billionaires make money. […] “Here then is my proposal: tax the upper 3-percenters income at a flat rate of 60%; this will raise about $1.5 trillion annually. Then let’s also impose a mere 1% wealth tax on their assets, which will raise another $560 billion. In […]

5 February, 2020

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Now that Trump has not been impeached (I’m assuming that beforehand), if he wants to score major points with his White voters, he could…greatly simplify the federal tax laws by creating a small, flat tax via Executive Order (e.g., each person in America pays 9% of their annual salary as tax, no exceptions, no write-offs, […]