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11 February, 2015

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“Low-income people who qualify for the subsidies…have received the greatest benefit from the law…” Of course they’ve received the greatest benefit. That’s what Obamacare is all about: poor Blacks and Browns “win,” while well-to-do Whites “lose” via paying higher taxes and higher insurance premiums. In other words, Whitey is paying for Obamacare, which was a […]

4 February, 2015

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Overheard: a White liberal saying “I don’t want my taxes cut.” Why would anyone not want a tax cut? Because, according to the liberals, that would mean that there would be less money available for minorities and the poor. (By the way, in at least one state [California], “minorities” are now the majority).

23 October, 2013

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Obamacare isn’t about providing health care for all Americans. It’s about providing health care for Blacks and Mexicans. How? White tax dollars, for one thing. Higher premiums for healthy Whites will also pay for Obamacare. In other words, Obamacare is basically another type of welfare paid for by Whitey. [Article].

9 August, 2013

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Members of Congress have opted out of Obamacare payments. Meanwhile, the public cannot do the same. Obamacare is such a turkey that our own government doesn’t want it. By the way, guess who is funding Obamacare? Well-to-do White people (i.e., the tax dollars of dentists, doctors, accountants, architects, etc. Once again, Whitey foots the bill […]

28 March, 2012

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As if World War II wasn’t bad enough for White people, there’s yet another bad side to it: the income-tax side. Suddenly, White people who never had to pay taxes before were taxed [1]. And it gets worse. The Jewish-led Roosevelt administration taxed wealthy gentiles badly during the 1930s/1940s: more than half their annual incomes […]

31 January, 2010

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You don’t have a problem with the school district spending $1 billion of your tax dollars on racial con-games like desegregation, do you? Because if you do, that’s racism. Ask any rabbi. [Article].

11 April, 2009

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Seen on the TV news: a mention of the income tax (Tax Day is, of course, April 15). The late Dr. Revilo Oliver called the 1913 income tax law the “White Slave Act,” and he also called it a “Marxist device.” Did you know that many wealthy or semi-wealthy gentile families lost their power due […]