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26 December, 2019

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A pearl of wisdom from Kirksville Today (posted 12/26) about talking with your liberal relatives about immigration: “I got into a chat with my shitlib sister last night about immigration. The only thing that really worked was stating: It is fine you have an out-group preference. I prefer the safety of my family and close […]

20 July, 2019

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A smart fellow told me one day: “never let your enemy know what you’re planning to do.” That’s good advice. But look at the photo at the top of this article: the big sign reads “We Will Replace You.” Meaning “Blacks and Browns will replace White people.” Yes. Our racial enemies are so emboldened these […]

12 August, 2018

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Indeed. Without strong borders, countries and cultures disappear (and that’s the whole idea. In other words: one world, one people, one currency, no races, no genders, everybody is equal, etc. Also known as Marxism, global citizenship, world citizenship, or The Coming of Universal Brown Man) [1][2]. Good slogan/meme. [Here]. . [1] “Our schools are controlled […]