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30 October, 2020

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For Blacks: Nigger Porch Monkey Spearchucker Jig-a-boo Moon Cricket Jungle Bunny/Bunny Coon Nig-nog Yard Ape Booliecoon Bluegum Bootlip Sheboon (female) For Mexicans: Wetback Spic Beaner Taco-Bender Cholo Border Bandit Mexcrement Greaser For Asians: Slant Chink Slope Gook Squint Coolie Zipperhead Yellow/Yellow-Man For Jews: Yid Kike Hebe/Heeb Zhid Hymie Sheeny Nickelbiter Foreskinner Self-Chosen Bagel-Muncher

18 October, 2020

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Here’s one big reason why multiculturalism sucks: we Americans are no longer “of one mind.” In 1930, we Americans were all White and we all thought alike (mostly, at least). But today, we are not all of one mind. Instead, America is a giant casserole full of “The Other”: Blacks, Browns, mulattoes, Asians, Jews, fags, […]

3 October, 2020

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A very interesting essay. While I disagree with it on a couple of points, on the whole it’s an important food-for-thought essay [1]. I want to make two general, historical points here, for newbies: 1. The stupidest thing White men ever did (and they have done some dumb things!) was to allow The Other/The Outsider […]

13 July, 2020

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Remember when White, male, conservative judges ruled America? Well, those days are long gone. The Other is now in charge (i.e., Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, mulattoes, Marxists, women, queers, trannies, vegans, etc.). Here, a Black, foreign-born, female, Obama-appointed federal judge blocks a historic execution (and by default several other executions as well). She apparently has the […]

5 July, 2020

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Regarding the Insurrection of 2020: there are basically two sides of the battle: Blacks and Marxists/leftists (we’ll call them Side A), and normal White people (Side B; America’s Mexicans seem to be sitting this one out). Side A makes up about 20% of the U.S. population. Side B makes up about 55% of the population […]

6 March, 2020

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Here we go again: how to “properly” treat thin-skinned modern wimmins at fancy, Jewed workplaces in big cosmopolitan cities. If you don’t treat wimmins “correctly” they’ll cry and file lawsuits with the aid of ambulance-chasers named Ira and Aaron and Benjamin. “I’m sorry, femchick. We can’t afford to get sued every month, so we only […]

19 February, 2020

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Woman #1: “My 4-year-old daughter is transgender. She was a boy until last Friday!” Man #1: “My 5-year-old brother became a woman last night! I’m so proud of him! He’s already wearing lipstick!” Woman #2: “My mother just became a man at the age of 94. It’s kind of awkward calling her Frank but she’s […]

18 February, 2020

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This will be the big thing in the next 30 years: as America splits into two hostile groups of humans (“normal, traditional, White people” vs. “all the worthless people”), states and entire regions will be morphing into ideological blocs. Good. If Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, liberals, feminists and fags want to wreck America, let them wreck […]

26 December, 2019

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A pearl of wisdom from Kirksville Today (posted 12/26) about talking with your liberal relatives about immigration: “I got into a chat with my shitlib sister last night about immigration. The only thing that really worked was stating: It is fine you have an out-group preference. I prefer the safety of my family and close […]

16 November, 2019

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“Portrait Of Madame De Stael” by Marie-Eleonore Godefroid (she was French, 1778-1849). Not bad artwork, for a woman. The majority of female painters suck. I’ve seen lots of their work. There has only been one other woman, who I have seen, who I would call “an excellent painter” (i.e., Clara Peeters, circa 1625), but she […]