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20 October, 2011

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Gaddafi’s death is a loud warning to other Middle Eastern leaders who are reluctant to embrace Zionism or Jewmocracy [1]. [Article]. [1] “Jewmocracy” = a democracy in which Jews control the media, the money and the politicians, e.g., all of the White countries

26 September, 2011

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It looks like tikkun olam has finally reached Saudi Arabia! A main difference between communism and democrazy is that the former will destroy your culture immediately, while the latter needs 40 years to do so. [Article].

20 August, 2011

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First, the U.S. called for Libya’s leader Gaddafi to step down. Now, it’s calling for Assad to step down. [Article].

14 July, 2011

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“During the past decade, a time period when the United States has believed in its manifest destiny to change the world over to make it a better place…” (See? America has adopted Judaism). [Article].

7 June, 2011

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…courtesy of a little tikkun olam! One globalist, Jew-founded entity (NATO) is paving the way for Qaddafi’s downfall. Another, related globalist entity (the UN) will “oversee” the replacement of Qaddafi with whomever the globalists want. Where did these international outfits get the authority to do all of that? Good question. Anyway, “post-Qaddafi Libya” will be […]

21 March, 2011

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Ira Goldbergwitz: “Just think, Ben. Soon, Libya will be a pro-Israel democracy filled with fast-food restaurants, shopping malls and rebellious, over-sexed teenagers.” Ben Silversteinfeld: “Yes, indeed, Ira. I can see scores of ‘progressive’ universities all over Libya with Jewish professors teaching ‘gender studies’ and ‘queer theory.’ Tikkun olam, Ira – it’s a beautiful thing!” [Article].

2 August, 2010

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Wait!…come back…what about Pakistan, and Somethingstan, and Somethingsomethingstan?…your work for Big Jew isn’t finished yet…what about tikkun olam and democrazy?… [Article].

24 December, 2009

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NATO sees positive signs for more tikkun olam-ing next year. (By the way, VNN readers: Merry Christmas, yuletide, or whatever you celebrate): [Article].

27 November, 2009

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Communism, feminism, “civil rights,” “gay rights,” hate-crime laws – every decade or so, a Jewish philosophy takes hold in a gentile land, creating turmoil for the inhabitants [1]: [Article]. [1] the Jews have a “3,000-year history of nation-wrecking”

7 November, 2009

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“The European Union is proposing a directive to outlaw discrimination on grounds including sexual orientation and religion in the provision of goods and services.” The EU’s “Equal Treatment Directive” will apparently become law throughout Europe in late 2009, barring any bureaucratic setbacks. This is communism (equality for all), of course, but without any of the […]