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30 July, 2007

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He makes some interesting comments, e.g., about the “cruel NATO bombings of Serbia.” Of course, those 1999 bombings were planned by Jews in America. The late Dr. William Pierce mentioned those bombings more than once [1]: [Article] [1] Dr. Pierce comments: [Here]. More: [Here]

27 June, 2007

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Concerning the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act, a bill from Jewish congressman Tom Lantos [1]. Significantly, the same thing happened to Germany just before World War II, i.e., anti-German sanctions were put into place by the U.S. for the benefit of world Jewry [2]: [Article] [1] the Lantos bill, H.R.1400: [Here] [2] an example of pre-war anti-German […]

24 June, 2007

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Jewish congressman Tom Lantos considers the idea, but maybe that shouldn’t be too surprising since the Jews, as an ethnic group, have long been devotees of international planning (and even more importantly, they’ve been the architects and leaders of global politics, e.g., Adam Weishaupt, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Leo Pasvolsky and so on). And what […]