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27 September, 2021

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Doctors are finally speaking out about the horrible, Soviet-type, Covid-19 mandates. “[UPDATE: as of midnight ET on 9/26, over 4,200 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration. Please join us by reading and signing below.] WHEREAS, thousands of physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers put […]

18 September, 2021

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(Above: a Covid-19 “concentration camp” in Australia. Wonder if they are using Zyclon B?). What in Hell is going on in Oz?? Have they been reading Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin?? First, the draconian Covid lockdowns and “Covid concentration camps,” and then insane gun bans (some bans have already happened and more bans are still […]

1 September, 2021

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“We are only one generation away from totalitarianism.” — Ronald Reagan. In Australia, it has arrived already. The Australian government can now read, and even alter, your emails. So much for “freedom” and “democracy” and so forth. This is third-world-dictator stuff. “It is alarming that, instead of accepting the committee’s recommendations and allowing time for […]