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18 May, 2016

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Kissinger: “Now, Mr. Trump, as an expert on American foreign policy, I must tell you: if you become president, don’t do anything…well…anything radical in your foreign policy, such as, ohhh, helping to create a Palestinian state. Trust me, Mr. Trump, there are some things that are totally taboo and entirely off limits! I’m sure you […]

17 May, 2016

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…”the vast majority of Jewish institutions and personalities from the neoconservatives to the far Left have been hysterically anti-Trump.” The Jews are, by nature, racist people, because Judaism itself is racism posing as a religion. In fact, the Jews were the first people to proclaim themselves superior to other humans. This alleged superiority is official, […]

15 May, 2016

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Russian leader Putin apparently likes Trump, so Russia would seem to have a reason to want to help him. [Article].

14 May, 2016

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Why am I getting the funny feeling that, by the time Trump becomes president, many of his important promises will be so weakened and watered-down as to be meaningless? [Article].

11 May, 2016

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Big Jew: “Speaker Ryan, here’s what I want you to do: call Donald Trump to a meeting in Washington. Tell him that he must water down his ideology, it’s way too extreme for me. Tell him that he must forget about building a border wall. He must forget about a ban on Muslim immigration into […]

4 May, 2016

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Hillary Clinton cannot beat Donald Trump in the general election. Clinton isn’t popular and she’ll only get left-wing votes. But Trump is much more of a populist. He’ll get votes from the Right, from Independents and from some people who usually vote Left, e.g., union workers. (As for Bernie Sanders, his win on May 3 […]

29 April, 2016

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Seen on the TV: non-Whites and liberals tearing down police barricades and generally causing trouble at a Donald Trump speech/rally in California today. Trump’s speech was actually delayed by the protesters, and if you remember, Trump had to cancel one of his rallies about a month ago due to violent protesters. The point here is […]

31 March, 2016

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In America, there are several things that you aren’t “allowed” to question. One thing is: any part of The Holocaust, no matter how small it may be. Another thing is: the sacred “right” of a woman to have an abortion on demand. To question any part of that “right” is to be an evil person […]

24 March, 2016

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. […] “Among the forces stacked against us, most prominent have been the mainstream media, which reflect academic culture and political culture generally. The media, academia, and the bureaucracy have been engaged in a top-down revolution, in which the moral and intellectual high ground has been seized by people hostile to the […]

20 March, 2016

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Globalist Jew #1: “If Trump becomes president, he might not continue the endless-wars-for-Israel habit that America has acquired!” Globalist Jew #2: “Yes! And our dream of creating a One World Order, with one government, one currency and no borders, could be doomed!” Globalist Jew #3: “He might audit the Federal Reserve! Nobody has ever done […]