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21 January, 2017

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Jewish activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Leftist activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Feminist activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Dyslexic leftist activist: “Hate it’s, God my, Oh!” Retarded leftist activist: “Duhh, urk, duhh, hrrmmmm…” Retarded dyslexic leftist activist: “Hrrmmm, duhh, urk, duhh…” Retarded queer dyslexic leftist activist: “Hrrmmmth, duhhth, urkth, duhhth…” [Article].

19 January, 2017

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– Creating a Moratorium on Immigration into America – Abolishing or Amending Affirmative Action (it’s unconstitutional and racist against Whites; it restricts freedom of association) – Abolishing or Amending the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 (they’re unconstitutional and racist against Whites; they restrict freedom of association) – Abolishing the Federal Reserve System (it’s […]

16 January, 2017

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Says the negro congressman John Lewis. Well, with that in mind, here’s an interesting quote about Lewis: “From 1962-64, Lewis was a sponsor and vice chairman of a Communist Party USA (CPUSA) front group known as the National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.” So Lewis is legit, huh? How many people have been […]

7 January, 2017

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The media hates Donald Trump’s Tweeting because they can’t edit the Tweets. He can communicate directly with the people. He is bypassing the media. They hate that.

31 December, 2016

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Schopenhauer basically said that giving women as much freedom as men (e.g., allowing them to vote and hold political office) was a big mistake. And he was right: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were each elected twice due to the female vote (which, at 55%, is the largest voting bloc in America. Roughly half of […]

27 December, 2016

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At the risk of defending Trump’s Zionism, he has a basic problem: in order to get things done politically, he must work closely with Congress, which is controlled by Republicans, most of whom love Israel. So, Trump more or less has to “play the role of a Zionist” in order to get certain things done. […]

23 December, 2016

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Most of the singers won’t perform at Donald Trump’s Jan. 20th inaugural ball because they fear being blacklisted by the very intolerant heavily-Jewish/heavily-leftist entertainment industry. [Article].

15 December, 2016

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Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are overwhelmingly White and male! In a country built by White males! Oh, the scandal! Oh, the controversy! Somebody call…somebody! [1]. [Article]. . [1] the United States of America, a White republic, was founded by 118 White men

12 December, 2016

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The anti-Donald Trump crowd will use any excuse to undo the election, including blaming foreign countries and little green men for computer hacking. Also, why blame Russia but not other countries? Many other nations are capable of computer hacking, e.g., China, North Korea, India. But Russia is the “designated bad guy” these days; Big Jew […]

3 December, 2016

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Communism works? Bullshit. It only works if you cheat. Just ask the Bolsheviks in Russia: they stole almost everything from the non-communists in 1917, and what they didn’t steal came from capitalists like the “American” Jewish banker Jacob Schiff or from foolish Western countries. China is still a communist state, but it makes big money […]