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3 October, 2006

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Question: What does Holiday Inn think will get people to “look again” at its brand? Answer: A bunch of white men acting faggoty. [Campaign’s home, where you can see all eight spots in this June-November ’06 series:]

15 September, 2006

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Alex, See Survivor on CBS? Here’s the beautiful irony. The black team, who couldn’t seem to get their raft together, lost the first challenge. They were granted the right to exile one member of another team to Exile Island. And whom did they choose? The Jew, from the White team! Why him? Cause he had […]

7 September, 2006

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Niggers are the victims of whites stealing I.D. Yeah. It happens one out of every 500,000 cases or so. FUCK THE LOXIST LIARS AT CITIBANK. Where’s the ad mocking the mexishit who steals the white woman’s ID? Or the online “Russian” jew stealing the white man’s ID? Or the nigger postal worker stealing grandma’s credit […]