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11 April, 2022

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I was watching a TV sitcom and I wondered aloud how much of a role TV has played in the death of the alpha male (an alpha male is a manly, rugged, Steve McQueen/John Wayne type who drinks whiskey straight with no chaser. A leader, and full of testosterone and courage). (U.S. Marines are, by […]

27 March, 2022

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Before Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Black people were seen in 50% of TV commercials. After Trump was elected, Black people were seen in 95% of TV commercials [1]. They still are. Must be just a Cohencidence. (Consider this: Blacks make up only 12% of the U.S. population! It’s almost like…well…like certain people…want […]

29 December, 2021

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Seen: TV commercials featuring Black people with dogs. Funny! Nice try! Black people hate dogs. I’ve known Blacks in my life and none of them had a dog. Blacks are not “dog people.” [1]. The Madison Avenue yids are trying to “Whiten” and “normalize” Black people. But it won’t work on people who know Blacks. […]

8 December, 2021

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I used to know a fellow. We would watch TV and, whenever a negro character would come into the TV screen/show, he would say: “okaaaaay, who burnt the toast??” (By the way, wasn’t it odd how quickly Blacks came into television? In the mid-1960s, there were maybe 3 Blacks on TV (i.e., as recurring characters). […]

24 October, 2021

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This article brings to mind a good point about comedy: ever since the TV comedy shows “The Smothers Brothers” and “Laugh-In” circa 1967, comedy has been political [1]. Prior to that, comedy wasn’t political. The Jews and the Left politicize everything today; as their power grew in the 1960s, they began to politicize more and […]

22 August, 2021

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I just invented a new word: “propagandacy” (noun). As used in a sentence: “We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a propagandacy.” Granted, that word doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but it’s accurate. Everything in our society is leftist propaganda (although occasionally there is rightist propaganda, too, but it’s rare today). TV, […]

6 April, 2020

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Seen on the TV: tons of new pizza-delivery ads. All of them shouting new offers: “free delivery!” or “buy 1 pizza, get 3 free!” or similar. Would these pizza people also stand in front of a burning apartment building, selling burn ointment? “Step right up, folks! We’re having a special today: one large tube of […]

21 March, 2020

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You can live life like it matters, or not. You can fight for your people, or not. “Postmodern Western liberal culture is largely one of perpetual adolescence, in which the primary virtues are acting according to one’s individual will, identifying oneself in a hyper-individualistic manner, and expressing these identities via conspicuous consumption and behavior. We […]

2 February, 2020

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White guy #1: “Oh, boy! Today’s the big game! I’ve been waiting a whole year for this! Let’s see: we’ve got 7 cases of cheap beer, 53 bags of artery-clogging chips, shameless commercialization, a talentless half-time show, and over-paid negroes playing with an egg-shaped ball! I tell you, life doesn’t get any better than this!” […]

5 October, 2019

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As Lovey Howell from Gilligan’s Island: “How does one become a Snoop Dogg, anyway? Does one become a dog first and then a snoop second, or can one become a snoop first before becoming a dog later? Really, it’s all terribly confusing…” Her husband, Thurston Howell III: “You’re overthinking it, Lovey. Just be a good […]