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14 August, 2007

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A new television series will feature male full-frontal nudity [1]. Another new show, called “Swingtown,” features wife-swapping. Of that show, a TV executive named Tassler said that they’re going to “push the envelope” with that series [2][3][4]: [1] [Article] [2] Tassler quotes: [Here] [3] according to this article, Tassler was raised Jewish: [Here] [4] more […]

9 May, 2007

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Thanks to KT reader for digging this up. Some clown named Mills uses my words to bash jew Auster – well, to pile on after jew Auster was fired by jew Horowitz, which Mills, new to me, praises, even though he dislikes jew Horowitz. Bottom line? Over 100 White women are raped by niggers daily […]

11 April, 2007

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By Alex Linder The big story on cable news today, apart from the smirking fotog who wedged the winning wiggler into Mrs. Smith, is The Horror. No, not the double rape/torture/murder in Knoxville, but Don Imus’ referring to the thick-lip’t sweeties of Rutgers, the ‘Lady Knights’ (howz that?), as “nappy-haired ho’s.” Even as I type, […]

29 March, 2007

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Funny. Found on blog while searching Michael Ray Richardson (post below)… Hey Benito, did you know that Carlos Mencia’s real name is Ned Holness?? And he’s not even Mexican, hes like german/honduran?? I used to like him but I’ll never watch anything that dirty fucking stealing faker ever puts out again. We did know he […]

23 February, 2007

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3 December, 2006

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[Will appear in coming issue of White Patriot Leader.] Burnt Toast: How Media Jews Blackened White Entertainment by N.B. Forrest When I was a kid, my parents and I looked forward to watching syndicated country music programs every weekend: Hee Haw, Pop Goes the Country, The Porter Waggoner Show, and others. In the ’80s, the […]

15 September, 2006

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Alex, See Survivor on CBS? Here’s the beautiful irony. The black team, who couldn’t seem to get their raft together, lost the first challenge. They were granted the right to exile one member of another team to Exile Island. And whom did they choose? The Jew, from the White team! Why him? Cause he had […]