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8 March, 2022

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(From a web forum; hat tip: poster dnr871) “The West is using the Russia-Ukraine war to suppress Russia once and for all. This is much more than the current conflict; the reality is that the West feels threatened by Russia, not only from a military and nuclear standpoint, but also from an ideological perspective. The […]

7 March, 2022

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1. Saudi Arabia — backed by the U.S. — waging war on Yemen for the past 8 years = The Western world says: “(*Yawn*)” [1]. Versus: 2. Russia waging a soft war on corrupt, Jewish-run Ukraine for 11 days = The Western world says: “Oh, my God!! Sweet Jesus!! Call the UN!! Call NATO!! Call […]

6 March, 2022

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Some guy just said this, and he was exactly right: when war comes, “woke” disappears. “Lisa” quickly becomes Frank again. Headline: “Ukraine: Transgender Woman Weeps As Authorities Classify Them As ‘Men’ Who Must Stay Behind And Fight” [Article].

5 March, 2022

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by Mike Whitney. […] “Finally, why was (he) so intent on doing the things that he knew would anger Moscow and increase the likelihood of a war? These questions are not hard to answer. Zelenskyy has been acting on orders from Washington from the get-go.” [Article].

5 March, 2022

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The New World Order gang lost a lot of power when it lost Ukraine (and it has lost it: NATO hasn’t done, and won’t do, anything towards defending Ukraine. NATO has proven itself to be a paper tiger now and I suspect Putin knew it was before he invaded Ukraine. Russia’s nukes mean that Putin […]

4 March, 2022

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“On Wednesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, saying he has “forfeit his right to live.” Gee, I had no idea that Ukraine was so damn important in the world! Why?? Are the hills made of gold there?? [Article].

4 March, 2022

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Who, I say, who is this guy Lindsey Graham??? Really. What is he??? This is likely illegal (i.e., incitement). It certainly is dangerous talk. He must apologize. “It’s just a very bad idea that Graham didn’t have to bring up and pin onto the official dialogue from the U.S. Assassination as a state policy is […]

3 March, 2022

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A New York Times quote: “Anna Netrebko, the superstar Russian soprano, will no longer appear at the Metropolitan Opera this season or next after failing to comply with the company’s demand that she distance herself from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as he wages war on Ukraine.” [Here]. So, Putin will be “un-personed” or […]

3 March, 2022

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First, there was “total war” waged on Covid-19. No area of life was spared by the Covid-police. To use a basketball term, it was a “full-court press” against Covid [1]. An all-out war. Even dogs were forced to wear face masks — in Berkeley. I saw a cat wearing an N95. Now, within just a […]

3 March, 2022

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Democracy: also known as “Jewish democracy” (hat tip: Dr. Pierce) [1]. This means: the Jews control the media, the banks, the film industry, and anything else that helps them to multiply political force. The result is that the Jews control all the “chokepoints” in a democracy. It really is “Jewish democracy.” (The Bolsheviks did the […]