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11 February, 2010

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Newbies, here’s an interesting historical detail: did you know that Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s 1953/1954 congressional committee didn’t just “haul people in front of it” to testify? The witnesses – almost all of them hostile, Marxist Jews who refused to answer questions – were always given a chance to testify in private first, behind closed doors […]

10 December, 2009

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(But first, you gotta fork over 535 Federal Reserve Notes. A bargain!). Maybe the people who gave the world to mankind (i.e., White folks) aren’t so great after all? But if Whites aren’t the superior humans, then who is? Did negroes give the world great literature? Did Mexicans invent electricity? Did Jews give us the […]

8 December, 2009

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You have? Huh. And they say that the modern university is a waste of time! [Article].

12 November, 2009

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Free speech on campus? Bwa-ha-ha! [Article].

20 September, 2009

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How times have changed re: gentile attitudes toward Jews. Note the mention of Boas, and Atwood: [Article].

10 September, 2009

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The newspaper has issued an apology. Nonetheless, CODOH’s Campus Project is a good idea and they’ve had some success with it: [Article]. More about the CODOH ad: [Here].

21 July, 2009

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“Gates accused the investigating officer of being a racist…” You don’t say! [Article].

11 April, 2009

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Have you attended a Jewniversity lately? You have? That’s so sad. Well, maybe you can get your money back if you write enough letters to the dean. Left-wing ideology is so fake. It doesn’t seek to understand or to explain. It seeks only to tear down the opposition, usually by employing fancy new-speak invented by […]

20 March, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Article].

13 February, 2009

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An illegal Mexican gets into a top American university with a scholarship. He was also offered scholarships at 7 other universities. It will be interesting to see how much outcry there is about this: [Article].