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18 January, 2015

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Black armed robbers of a stereo shop forced their five bound, White victims to drink drain cleaner. An extremely brutal crime that is hardly mentioned today. [Article].

15 October, 2008

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Did you move to the Mormon State to escape the third-worlding of California or New York? Well, bad news: Your plan didn’t work: [Article].

21 February, 2008

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Utah has the right idea about guns, more or less, but why do Americans need concealed-carry permits in the first place? Do they need speech permits to exercise their First Amendment rights? The Second Amendment rights have become mere privileges that are granted or withheld by bureaucrats [1]: [Article]. More about Utah’s gun law re: […]

16 March, 2006

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Sentences can be lengthened for crimes that cause fear or unrest. Mexican non-Americans are responsible for a huge portion of Utah crime. Will they receive extra punishment for causing unrest among Whites? No, they won’t. What causes fear or unrest is a political determination, whereas the committing of a crime is an objective matter. No […]