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22 November, 2013

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“The witch November is waning. Soon, the marmoset of December will be ascendant once again. Do you hear the jingle bells? The stench of working the reindeer farm? Jack Frost removing your nose Reservoir Dogs-style? If you do, you’re like me and you want to say “attaboy” to Alex each December 25th. I’ve always said […]

27 October, 2013

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“Hello. Our quarterly bill is due in a couple weeks. WE COULD REALLY USE DONATIONS THIS QUARTER. This is the most expensive quarter, as the ancillaries (urls, POB, etc) come due as well. So if you can help out, I am asking you to do so. VNN’s continued existence is NOT predicated on your support, […]

26 July, 2013

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[…] “The main thing, though, when you support this forum, with good posts, self-control, money donations, etc., you are supporting pretty much the one place in the English-speaking world that has kept a consistent political line since the day it started. That will never change.” [VNN Forum].

2 May, 2013

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“We got a bill coming due in two weeks. Donations would be greatly appreciated. Great thanks to those of you who contribute regularly, some of whom barely even post. I very much want to tell you it IS appreciated. It brings peace of mind, and that is important. There are a lot of headaches and […]

26 July, 2012

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Alex wrote: As I said, will do these quarterly. We have a bill coming up middle of August, I really could use your help. Notice that heroic Varg has got the server tweaked to run much more quickly! I’m looking to raise 300k. Wait. I think I got the wrong number there. Yep. I’m actually […]

3 February, 2012

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Know your history (that means real history, not the Judeo-history taught in public schools). Be ready to explain to a lemming or a newbie why you’re a White nationalist and why he should be one, too. Be prepared to talk about WWII, “civil rights” and other topics using names, dates, and so forth. Here are […]

12 March, 2011

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To think that there are people who don’t appreciate The Doctor’s efforts… [Article]. More [Here].

16 November, 2010

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(After being offline for a month and a half, VNN is back online. We’re sorry for the long absence, it was unplanned). You’ve heard America called “the land of the free and the home of the brave”? (That comes from the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”). Well, at VNN Forum, some guy has a different […]

24 May, 2009

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“White men failed to identify jews as the enemy. That was the fundamental mistake, made by church and government. The failure to identify jews as a hostile, parasitic, competitive species and eradicate it was the single biggest mistake the white race has made in its long history. It is a mistake that can be and […]

13 May, 2009

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I’ve added a new media feature to An Audio & Video directory for WN content Links on the right panel under “VNN Video” and “VNN Music” —> Check out the Category “Anti-White Propaganda” which documents Ads on the televitz which portray Whites in a negative light thanks to jewish control