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10 March, 2009

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“Take money away from a Jew and he is less than dog shit.” — VNN Forum poster banjo_billy.

3 March, 2009

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Go ahead, grab a cold one and sit back for the show This Tuesday Mark will be joined by the one and only Todd from the sunny (and Jew infested) state of Florida Topics we will cover are: 1. The current state of our Western World. 2. Steps we need to take to take back […]

30 July, 2008

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  We’ll get the forum back up as soon as we can. Right now we’re shorthanded on the technical side, so if you have the skills, we could use them – knowledge of vBulletin and servers. Email [email protected] .

17 January, 2008

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The new VNN Forum is open.  If the domain change hasn’t made it to your ISP yet, use the IP:  As usual, our the immediate restoration is from a backup that is a couple of weeks old.  A subsequent update will bring the forum up to the moment it went offline.  It only took […]

16 January, 2008

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The new ISP finally gave us the keys, and we’re off.  Database transferring now.  We’ll link the IP here probably before the domain ( propagates.  Watch this spot for an update the minute we go live. -Dietrich Powered by ScribeFire.

15 January, 2008

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Alex and I worked out a solution, with some advice from Varg, for hosting VNNForum and we hope to be up by Tuesday afternoon.  As usual, the exact timing is up to others. It’s hard to determine the actual cause of the downtime right now, since the ISP never had the server properly configured, despite […]

25 June, 2007

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VNN Forum will be down for perhaps 30-45 minutes beginning at 1A.M. EST.  EDIT: The update is complete.  Total time down ~15 min.  Vanguard News Network Forum