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5 August, 2006

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The VNN media archives are now being hosted at There you will also find a link to VNN radio, where content is streamed 24×7 and live call in broadcasts are hosted. Please download the broadcasts, share them, and make them part of your own archives. Please note not all broadcasts are available at this […]

4 August, 2006

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More low brow and “gutterally racist” commentary from Geoff Beck: ttind2548k.mp3 ( 4.5 MB ) Gleichschaltung Nostalgia, Action, LOTR For many us, whether from memories of a long lived life or knowledge of our common history and heritage, we experience feelings of nostalgia. Too often these feelings degenerate into crippling bouts of depression and self […]

4 August, 2006

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Open wide and say Kwa! Until the full archives are restored we are making available two July editions of Goyfire and a Free Talk Live segment recorded on August 1st. Goyfire 34 (mp3, 46 MB) Goyfire 35 (mp3, 55 MB) Free Talk Live (mp3, 32MB)

3 August, 2006

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First read the article, mistakes, repeated false allegations… Note that you can write letters to them. They have censored my posts there in the past. Article. But they don’t have control over a new blog, so new it doesn’t even have this story posted yet. It’s a little thing we like to call .

2 August, 2006

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Item: VNN presents the re-broadcast of ‘FREE TALK LIVE’, tonight August 2nd, 2006 Showtime: 10:30 PM EST Featuring hosts Alex Linder & Stan Sikorski This is the re-broadcast of the August 1st show which includes calls from Babycakes, Bud White, Theseus, Geoff Beck and others. Topics include: the attack on VNN by Canadian opposition, the […]

1 August, 2006

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Where we stand: – LIVE Tuesday night, 9pm central! – check for jew-truthin’ and anti-loxist innoculation – the forum is coming, have patience

29 July, 2006

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[VNN was down for reasons explained below in both my interview with Peter Schaenk and the press release. As you can see, our main is now back up, and our forum should be back online in the next couple of days.] Alex Linder on Shank Talk Worldwide, 7/27/06 alps72706.mp3 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 28 July 2006 […]

24 July, 2006

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(Newer posts below). Moderator Note: Due the explosive growth in listenership we are now uploading this episode of Goyfire to a 3rd party server. When the upload and setup are complete we will post a link to the alternate download location. Alternate mp3 download location: or Alex Linder, Agis, Chain, and Geoff Beck […]

23 July, 2006

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Will be up later this week. Covered topics include Lebanon, speech censorship attempts by EU and ADL, Chelsea Brooks, the white girl impregnated/murdered by nigger monster(s), NPR on KKK in Colorado, toenail mites and how to get rid of them (or at least fight them to a draw), cheese – lower duodenum’s best friend?, call […]

22 July, 2006

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Science & Stigma, Epithets & Genetics  Direct mp3 download:  gbttind2446k.mp3 Podcast: subscribe Archives: here Shownotes: here